Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Texas Ranger baseball with a side of more baseball

 Whoa Nellie did we log some hours at Broughton Fields this spring! My boys love them some baseball and this year was no different.  The big change this season was that we had a baby born in April...so I nursed a LOT in the car at the fields and watched my baby boy strike 'em out from the car!! Here are my Texas Rangers
And the newest Ranger fan {at 5 days old!!!!}

 {and at 2 weeks}
 Ryan LOVED the fact that kids pitch this year and he could bring the heat!!

He also had an amazing batting average.  I love watching him smack the ball.

 Our Ranger Team
 Note the Lego Chain sported in this picture...again I had a one week old :)
 Ryan was so sad that his little league season was over that he BEGGED me to let him join the Waco Rebel Select Team.  He had been playing with this team on Sunday afternoons just for fun and he and Mark loved that they are such a competitive group of eight year olds.  Mark became an assistant coach and they decided to make this rag-tag Sunday group a select team of 8 year olds.  I of course said no because-----he's EIGHT!!!, and remember that we have a newborn :). But...after seeing the joy they both had after these Sunday scrimmages I reluctantly agreed and they joined the team.   Their first "official scrimmage" was Memorial Day weekend.  I decided to join my family at the lakehouse and left these two baseball fanatics at home.  On Monday afternoon I got a phone call from Mark that Ryan was hit in the face by a hard-hit ball to short and they were on their way to the ER!! Geez-Loiuse that is not a great phone call to get while driving back to Waco.  
Here's my tough little man
 Fortunately nothing was broken and he just had a 'cool' black eye for about a week.  I must admit that this Waco Rebel Team is really fun to watch.  They got very official uniforms and played in their first tournament this past weekend.  Number NINE was Killin' the ball!!

 Ryan plays short on this team and is learning a lot about defense
 This was the picture that almost got me thrown out of the game.  Apparently I just thought my flash was off...WHOOPS!!! That ump was fired up.
 Another double for my little man
 I am so thankful that Mark and Ryan both share their love of baseball.
GOOOOOO REBELS!!  We'll be watching them play throughout the month of June.

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