Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm not complaining...well maybe a little

I wrote this post last night inbetween Ally throwing up and almost deleted it but decided that I am still claiming HIS TRUTH and posting it.

Tuesday night at midnight:
I am up late once again and felt the urge to write to get all of this out of my heart and mind. goes:).
The last couple months have been extremely difficult. We've been hit hard with so much stuff that I have just been trying to 'survive the day'. Well ya know what, I'm tired of surviving the day I am ready to LIVE again!! My faith is solid, my marriage is good, I am surrounded by fantastic friends, I love instructing zumba and of course my kids are the highlight of each day but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! On Oct. 22, I got diagnoised with mono and since then I've had strep, migraines, horrible sinuses, MAJOR fatigue, wierd yellow eyes, plantar fachitus, and a sprained ankle. I've never been sick like this in my life and have done more bloodwork and tests than you can imagine. Everything keeps coming back "normal" which is great except I feel lousy every day. Blah blah blah..,:). I also feel terrible that my husband is having to deal with all my wierd health stuff when he needs me to be strong for him right now. Throughout this season of life God is still moving, still listening still covering us with only the strength, love and grace and revealing himself to us all the time. The last few weeks we have been discussing conditions of the heart in our zumba devotion. I have struggled with each and every one: control, self-pity, jealousy, anger, pride. I know the Lord is patiently waiting for me to get these lessons but I am having a hard time not falling into a frusturated mind set, and that's not a good place for me to be. As I'm studying to prepare my lessons I hear God asking me if I believe what the Bible says. Do I really believe that That I can cast my cares and anxiety on Him, that HE makes all things new, and HE will fight for me I just need to be still. So tonight at 12:52 I am claiming your word Lord, and I am done, done, done with all this!!
Take that Satan.

We are in hillcrest hospital tonight with our beloved Ally as she heals from the most terrible stmach situation of her life. She seems to be feeling a little better and is enjoying her new coloring book from Aunt Kacey. Please keep us in your prayers tonight and pray protection over the rest if our family. Still claiming truth!

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The Junods said...

Oh my goodness, bless sweet Ally and your whole family. Yall have been through the ringer! The Lord will be faithful and you'll be blessed for your obedience.

Meg said...

oh angie, i am so sorry!! you are right though--no matter the season, God is STILL God and truth is STILL truth!! His love and promises never change. Satan is not gonna have any victory in the Wood household!! so sorry about ally. praying for all of you!!

Waco Newmans said...

So sorry to hear about Ally on top of your already difficult week! Praying for you guys!

Shannon said...

Sweet Ally,
We are all praying that you get well so soon! We love you!

Angie - Praying for you guys through this difficult time. Love you so much and praying for peace and a time of "boring" coming your way so very soon!

Jill said...

OH bless your hearts!! I am so sorry! I will pray for quick healing and peace in the waiting to be healed. And just for the record, your post did not come across as complaining at all!

shannonmichaelis said...

Girl, it's time we took this wailing and turned it into dancing! Will pray fervently that the Lord will let this season pass. My heart aches for this laundry list. Will be praying for deliverance...soon!