Monday, February 7, 2011

Ally's TOT preformance at BU

Our little girl is doing great and we really appreciate all your prayers and overall sweetness the past few months! It's amazing to see Christ's hands and feet at work.

This past Saturday Ally got to show off her basketball skills! She did a wonderful job at the BU Men's Basketball halftime show! (If you look closely in this terrible picture you can see her waving)

We had some wonderful fans cherring on the Bears and our little 'baller

Way to go ALLY! You were Amazing!!!

I wish I could upload my video here because from last year to this year she has improved SO much! She loves TOTs and I'm very thankful for her teacher who works patiently every week with 3, 4, and 5, year olds. The hospital couldn't keep this girl down!
Go TOTs!

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Mindy said...

Sweet, Beautiful Angie......

I'm just catching up on your blog. I haven't looked at blogs in FOREVER! I really want to get back to mine.

Seeing your precious children brought such a smile to my face!

I'm so sorry that you have had so much happen...and I hate that I have been so out of the loop. God bless your sweet, sweet heart!

Ally looks darling as ever hoopin' it up at BU!

I hope ALL of this "stuff" can be put behind you ASAP!!! I'm claiming that for you, too!!!!!!!!!

Love you friend!