Monday, January 17, 2011

Ally's First Slumber Party

We had the J-O-Y of watching Lila a while back and it was quite an exciting night for these two. We had really been talking up having a slumber party with Lila LEW and sweet Ally was beyond thrilled that she was going to sleep in her room!! Their excitement was hilarious. First we did a little playing with Pretty Ponies.

Then some hugging and they HAD to wear matching shoes of course

Then baths and giggling, and more laughing

Then some sweet prayers from Daddy (aka Uncle Marky)

This picture makes me tear up because Mark and I love our precious nieces and nephews like they're our very own! I wish I could tell ya they slept peacefully all night long but not so much:). We did figure out that they were both very used to sleeping in beds alone so once we put one on the floor it was lights out! Super fun Slumber Party if you ask me.

Lila we can't wait to have you back soon!


Jill said...

how fun! I think Ally looks A LOT like you in the second picture! We have had a slumber party with Makenna Williams. My sweet child kept her up until 1 am!!

Kacey said...

Talk about JOY... Did you see Lila's face in all those pictures! She L.O.V.E.S all four of you so much! Me too