Thursday, March 19, 2009

Team Croc

Yesterday we got to play with some our our favorite friends, Jake and Brinley. We are so blessed to have them as friends and neighbors. Since T-Ball is staring up we had to get in some good practice. It was a beautiful day to play outside. Here is our little team getting in some really good hits.

These two are such sweet little friends.

Here comes trouble.

Ally carried these two balls around most of the day, making sure they were safe.

Days like yesterday make me really look forward to this spring and summer. Aren't you ready?


Mindy said...

That's the cutest t-ball team!!!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

I would come watch that time any day! Too cute. Yes, I am with you on nice weather.....ahhhhh.

Caryn said...


Shannon said...

Amen Sister! I am so ready for consistant warm weather!

Wendi Junod said...

Cute cute kids! Those precious girls! I love me some crocs! Brooks had a pair break this week...never thought it would happen. The strap tore through. Its a sad expensive day when that happens. Great pics. Bring on the ballpark too!