Friday, March 6, 2009

Lego Store

You guys know how into Lego's my Ryan is right? Well when Mark found this Lego store in a Denver Mall we really thought Ryan was not going to be able to sleep the night before we left. He was soooo excited! We being smart parents, told Ryan only the day before that we would be visiting this special store, knowing full well that until we actually stepped foot in the store every 5 minutes we would be asked, "How many more hours until we're at the Lego store?" I must say that it was hilarious watching him. It is kind of like when I go to Williams-Sonoma, pure excitement and a little overwhelmed at where to begin. They have Lego everything, a Lego-lovers dream come true!

Little Vanna White

Ryan was in awe of this Sponge Bob Lego. We don't watch Sponge Bob at our house so Ryan thought this was a pretty cool thing to see in person. It was like he was breaking the rules or something. Oh the sweet innocence of my children!

Daddy and Ryan

Check out all these mini tires? I cannot even begin to imagine how they make those little things.

Thank you Grandma for my $20 to spend at the store.

One thankful little man. The Lego worker ( who Ryan wants to be when he grows up:)),let us know that they will be opening a Lego store in the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco this May, so I'm sure everytime we visit Aunt Cary and Uncle Stacey we will be making a visit there!


Mindy said...

That is awesome!!! I love the pics and I love that Ryan got to see that store! Such a great thing for him to love!!!

Caryn said...

That is too fun!! I can't wait to get to go with him here and see the excitement in person!!!!

Shannon said...

A LEGO STORE AT STONEBRIAR??? Landon will go NUTS!! So fun.

Leigh said...

Sorry that Jeff Gordon's not his true love anymore, but glad that he had so much fun with his new "thing"!! Go, Ryan!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

That is so Funny! You can see he was in heaven at that store. Looks like you will be making lots of trips on I35 soon! ha.