Monday, March 23, 2009

Ally and Wyatt

Ally loves all of her sweet cousins and she dances with joy every single time that we get to see them. But, there is one cousin that is hers. Her Wyatt. For whatever reason Ally has always called him that (well is was "my Wy-dit" for a while but now it's just Wyatt). They are only four months apart, so we have really enjoyed watching them grow up together. I cannot even count the number of people that think they're twins when they are together. This love affair started from birth so here are some pictures of the BFF's.

Wiped out from a long trip to Houston, they look SO tiny!

Little swimmers

Santa here we come (what a difference a year makes, I think you all remember this picture)

It's OK Wy-dit

The Lake and watermelon go so well together

III's TTU party

Piano time at Nana's

Ryan's biggest fans

Waiting to go see Lila in the hospital

Playing with the Coke light switch at Honey's

The little daredevils. Wyatt we love you and your brother so much and we can't wait to see you again soon!


Caryn said...

OMG - Of course I LOVE this post, so sweet to see those old pictures of our TINY babies - what happened? They really are just two peas in a pod!! Wyatt loves him some Ally too! Thanks for the sweet post :)

MLP said...

Such a sweet post! They will always have this special bond. Reminds me of my sisters' first kids...Macy and Travis. They are now both in college and still love each other so much!

Love these pics! Two precious babies!!!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

That was too cute to see! They are so sweet together. I loved getting to see them younger. I think they will always be so close. Beautiful kids!

The Junods said...

Oh my sweet! I love cousins and especially the Purdy ones. Those 2 are adorable!

Shannon said...

Really - can I have both of them? Such a sweet post! I love it that Reagan and Cooper are 3 months apart and Payton and Baby Boyd #3 will also be 3 months apart! I just wish they lived closer to us!