Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Purdy Tradition

I just LOVE this time of year! Yesterday I got out all of our Christmas decorations and Ryan and I had such and awesome day decorating our house. Yes, I know that it's not even Thanksgiving, but my niece could be born any moment and I really wanted to have everything up before traveling to Houston (that was my excuse anyway:) I love everything about Christmas. Our Savior's birthday, giving to others, the music, Christmas lights and the traditions that this time of the year brings. The Purdy fam has many Christmas traditions. Listening to Amy Grant Christmas music is a must-note my blog music! We all wear matching PJ's on Christmas Eve...that's right the WHOLE family from Nana to Ally. We look hilarious but I love every minute of it! My dad always reads the Christmas story out of Luke before we head to church for the Christmas Eve service. We have food out all night and then we open gifts and stay up late and get ready for Santa! Such a lazy, fun time together as a family. One of my favorite things growing up was the December stockings that we had outside our door the entire month of December. Honey is super creative and used this as a discipline technique and it really worked! I started this when Ryan was three and he REALLY, REALLY looks forward to this every year. Here's how it works: If Ryan can follow these 5 rules, than each morning he gets a little treat in his stocking outside his door. I just made these up for this year, they change each year.
  1. Have a smiley face in his folder from school (good behavior)
  2. Obey the first time he's asked to do something
  3. Be a kind big brother to Ally
  4. No timeouts for the day
  5. Complete 2 chores from the chore list each day

Chores in our house are very age appropriate like get the mail, help unload the dishwasher, pick up the playroom, etc..

Most days Ryan did great and he was able to get a treat the next morning. But there are days when he doesn't and it just breaks my heart that he choose not to obey. The good thing is that the next day is always better:). This is just a fun thing to do and the treats range a lot. Some days it might be a piece of bubble gum , or M&Ms, and the next day a small toy. To see his face each morning is just priceless! I haven't figured out exactly what to do about little Miss Priss? I know that she'll need something also but behavior for an almost 2 year old is tricky:). I'm sure we can figure out a fair way to let her experience this fun family tradition. I would love to hear about things you did growing up or things you do now for your families...so post away!


The Junods said...

So so glad you explained in detail this tradition, especially for the little people. Caryn told me about it and I'm so pumped to do it for my kiddos. Thank you for sharing. Hope you don't mind me snagging the idea! I need some serious discipline help and this will be a great motivator!! If I can only find some stockings in Doha. Our's haven't arrived yet! Thank you again. I need to figure out what is age appropriate for Brooks (3). What did you do when Ryan was that age? wendi_junod@yahoo.com

Caryn said...

Great post Ang, you know I love this tradition too. I had the same thoughts about Wyatt since he obviously doesn't get it. And we rarely have a day without a trip to time out so I may not need too many treats :), remind me to ask you about last year with Ryan this weekend!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Would like to start this, but since rarely a day goes by without bad behavior, I'm not sure that this is the year to do it. Suggestions?

MLP said...

The Purdy's are absolutely too cute! I can't wait to see pics of everyone in the matching pj's...such wonderful and sweet memories and traditions. I love it!

The stocking thing is such a great idea!!! Just may have to do that!!!

Keep us posted on your niece! Can't wait to hear!!!

Angie Werley said...

Hey Angie! What a cute idea! I love that mom of yours.:) She is a pretty amazing woman and I LOVE being able to keep up with you through your blog! You do such a great job! I miss you and how you would always give me just the right words of encouragement whenever I needed it. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your precious fam! Can't wait to see the pics of your future niece soon! So fun! Praying for Kacey these last days...