Monday, November 24, 2008

Ally's First Haircut

My sweet baby girl got her very first haircut last week. I really, really LOVE that we live here in Waco for many reasons but at the top of the list is definitely that Honey and GP live 3 miles away. I called Honey and asked her when she could come by and give Ally a little trim and 20 minutes later she and my dad were both here with video camera in hand:). Ally loved every minute of this experience so Honey will for sure be her official beautician! Every time we take Ryan to get his haircut, Ally ALWAYS says "my do it too!" So she loved the attention and the fact that she was getting a big girl haircut like her "Rynan". Thank you mom, she looks even cuter (if that's possible-he he).

Mommy Look at me!

Little helper getting holding Honey's hairclip

Do you like our haircutting stool? This used to be my grandad's (PP) and I cannot tell you how often I pull that thing out .

Of course she has got her Guns Up for our Raiders!

So Pretty:)


Blessings from the Reeds said...

So pretty is right! She is such a doll:)

Kacey said...

I love the sweet nightgown! (Don't get rid of those things. Lila will need to borrow them)! She definitely isn't afraid of being in the spotlight. What a beauty!!

Caryn said...

No fair! I'm jelous of your barber. Can't wait to see that pretty little precious.

MLP said...

NO...she really couldn't be any cuter! What a fun, sweet post!!!

Is Honey available for Hadlee?!?