Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Little Trickster

Update: First of all let me thank you all for you prayers, comments and phone calls...I really feel like I have THE BEST FRIENDS!!! I am having a much better week and there have been no more debits on our account, we're just waiting to make sure that everything clears to take the hold off our checking. I do have a few tips for you so you never find yourself in this position, click here for an identity theft insurance company to protect your family for $12 a month. This is really a must have. They will fight for you, inform you of any credit applications, do all the research, paperwork, even compensate you for lost wages if you have to spend your own time dealing with this. It protects your whole family including children. One of the big things to do right now is to steal children's SS numbers which totally ruins their credit before they are even old enough to have credit!!! Another trap right now is fake ATM's. These are ATM's owned by individuals not a reputable bank. Anyone can buy an ATM and pay to set it up in a mall, grocery store, or gas station. These ATM's will give you the cash but copy your info, which I think is what happened to me. So always make sure you are getting money from a bank you've heard of. Also, always try to use PayPal when purchasing anything on-line. So there you go, I hope and pray that you NEVER have to experience anything like this:)
On a happier note: Yesterday Ally had her usual Tuesday MDO, and she has been having a hard time lately wanting to go anywhere, but she REALLY puts on a show for MDO. I think that she's cutting a few teeth so we have tried to be extra patient with this sweet angel. But I mean she knows how to be dramatic (another trait that is so unusual for one of my children to have-he he)! Anyway, my mom is the administrator of FWCS which meets in the same building as Ally's class, so if she's having a really rough time Honey will go check on her and a lot of times take her to her office for some delicious M&M's. Ally wouldn't stop fussing yesterday so she was taken to my mom for some hugs and kisses around lunch time. Honey always makes everything better but she just kept on crying and crying so mom called me to come pick her up. I rushed over to the church and when I get there Ally gave me this HUGE grin like she has just really fooled everyone into thinking that there's something wrong...she's a smart one I tell you, the rest of the afternoon she was all smiles. I really think she knew that if she fussed long enough I would come pick her up, little stinker. Fortunately there was absolutely nothing wrong.!!! Good trick, I wonder what she'll try to do next Tuesday??? Here are some pics of her afternoon with mom.

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Blessings from the Reeds said...

Thanks for the tips!I have been thinking of you and praying things were working out. Your story sure made me be a little more careful. Just hate that it happened to you!

About sweetpea, could she be any more precious? It is so funny how early they seem to catch on about getting their way. I bet the two of you had a pretty fun day together. Good luck next week!

MLP said...

Sure is a cute stinker!!!

Glad things are going better ~ so sorry you've had to deal with all of that!

Melissa said...

ummm, she reminds me of me, and you, and dear sweet makenna. toot princess of the L-B-K! speaking of, you guys should totally come to the party! it is just tons of carnival games in the backyard..that is full of mud and gush from the CONSTANT RAINING! one of my friends even had a mushroom growing in her yard...those do not exist out here in the dryness! i know you will be busy, but we would love to have ryan and ally at the party!

Nicki W. said...

so sorry about the identity theft! wow~that is always super scary to me.
i think something was in the water tuesday. tristan decided to cry all during nap and just not take one! sheesh!

Kylie said...

I'm glad everything seems to be clearing up. Did you use at ATM around here that we should all steer clear off?! That is so scary. I buy too much stuff online and I'm always afraid of that.
Sometimes little ones just need their mommies! :) What a funny girl- This one must have been dire if Honey and M&Ms couldn't fix it! I thought grandmother's and M&Ms could fix anything! HA!