Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

Today's the big day!! At exactly 12:13 this afternoon you will be 5 years old. How can that be??? Breathe... I remember everything that happened on your birthday like it was yesterday. We checked in at Hillcrest Hospital at 6:00AM met the nicest nurse ever, had a super easy delivery and then we got to see you for the very first time. You weren't breathing very good so the Doctors whisked you away to make sure everything was OK.

Four very long hours later mommy got to hold you for the very first time. What a miracle!! God's little gift to Daddy and I. You were perfect. Weighing in at 7 lbs. 13 oz. and 2o inches long. Amazing.

This is your very cute room that we decorated for you. I had a lot of help from your aunts Cary and Kacey!!

I fell in love with you immediately, and I loved your Daddy so much that I thought I might just burst some days. So sweet!!!

You loved your Daddy so much from day one. This was your very favorite place to sleep:)

You were such a good baby that I could take you to work with me and your would just sleep the day away.

Once you started crawling you were like lighting fast and ALWAYS on the move!! This is still one of your favorite faces:).

We were so thankful that you were an amazing little traveler. It was very easy to just pack up and go, and you would be perfectly content in your pack and play.

You got to wear your first tuxedo at 9 months for Aunt Kacey and Uncle Josh's wedding. You cried the entire time, and we finally figured out that you were blazing hot. Once you got that thing off, you couldn't have been happier...an ode to what will come as far as your distaste for "dressy" clothes.

We had a frog 1st birthday party for you and you hardly touched your cake at all...you really didn't like getting your hands sticky...and still don't!!

For your second birthday it was all about the color Blue and big trucks. You LOVED playing with cars and trucks. You would line them up and race them all over the house. We had to make sure and carry one with us at all times.

Eating you blue ice cream and your blue party.

Christmas 2005

Easter 2006...I mean come on, could you be any more precious????

For your 3rd b-day we had a baseball party at Kidzville. You were very into sports and you LOVED Thomas the Train. You could say all their names and would spend hours and hours playing with the trains.

At 3 and a half..you welcomed your baby sister Ally. You are the best big brother.

Ally gave you the only 2 trains that you didn't have and you were extremely excited!!

During year four you fell in love with the Cars Movie, and then NASCAR. For your 4th birthday we had a NASCAR party. I had just had knee surgery so I had a LOT of help with the party, and you had a blast!

Little Jeff Gordon

Falling asleep in your Cowboy helmet...how can that be comfortable??

Playing with your little shadow. Thanks for loving little sis so much.

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My sweet Ryan,

Thank you for making us parents!! We love you so much, and we are so proud of you. You are such a thoughtful, sincere and helpful little boy. Have a fantastic day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! We hope your day is wonderful! Have fun at your party this weekend. Love, Shannon B.

Mindy said...

What an amazing post! I just loved readint this and looking at each precious picture and stage. Such a beautiful baby, handsome little man...and a gorgeous mommy!!! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!! Can't wait to see pics from this year's party!

Kylie said...

That was so sweet that it made me teary! Hope you all have a wonderful day together and wonderful weekend celebrating Ryan!

Caryn said...

I remember that sweet day too!!! I Can't beleive it was 5 YEARS AGO!You made me an AUNT for the first time and I was overjoyed. It brings tears to my eyes reading this and thinking back to that day and all the milestones since then. What a fun post!! A what an amazing five-year-old. We love you Ryan Wood! Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy (that was five happies since you're five years old) Birthday!!!!
We love you!

shannonmichaelis said...

Love the walk down memory lane! Sweet pictures of that precious boy. Can't believe you have a five year old....

Blessings from the Reeds said...

This is a WONDERFUL post about your little man. I loved seeing all the pictures of him. Sooo handsome. You looked great preggors! Sweet, sweet post! Happy Birthday Ryan.