Tuesday, February 26, 2013

37 years young

Well it's official I am 36...no wait 37. How has a year already gone by?? I think I know more than I did this time last year so that's good. :) When I think back to Feb. 26th last year all I remember feeling was terribly pregnant, scared to add another child, and full of fear. I look back and want to kick my pregnant self because this has been one of THE BEST years of my life. I have said no to everything, and feel no guilt...which is a really big deal. I haven't put Brady in MDO or childcare much and can honestly say I have treasured this time with him (minus the teething), and enjoy our long days at home. Ally is thriving in Kindergarten and reading up a storm and Ryan is also learning so much academically this year. There has been a shift. It was slow but it's happened and I hope I never go back to my old selfish thoughts. I'm documenting these small victories here for my self this time next year. It's time I started celebrating growth and not dwell in the guilt that it's taken this long...amen??!! Here goes:

I try not to compare my children to others kids any more. I remember when Ryan was 10 months it was all about comparison and competition. I think I've finally learned that everyone is unique and my kid's not like yours. Small but powerful victory people!!

I'm fine wearing sweats most of the time. Not that I don't want to look nice on occasion but this season of life is about comfort and I could really care less about what I'm wearing these days.

I don't want to be involved in a million activities. This one has been the hardest to realize but it's true. I am VERY happy being a hermit at home. I am also thankful that my time with Zumba has come to an end. I knew that I needed to slow down for a while and now looking back on the stressful schedules, the amount of time preparing and planning for class, and the chaotic shuffling of the kids all seems silly. I know it wasn't silly and served a purpose but I am SO thankful for the rest.

I see the Lord's hand at work through our church and although the loss is enormous I'm excited for the future. We're clinging to scripture and counting on His promises.

I have enjoyed reading some again this year. I can really enjoy a good book without thinking that my 'valuable time' could have been spent more wisely.

I try not to take myself so seriously...yea! I am fully aware that I mess up everyday but am trying to do better and finally dive into some junk that I've been running from for years.

In a nutshell 36 to 37 has been great! It's not all been peachy but the good WAY outdoes the bad this year and that my friends is worth celebrating.

In fact I'm going to do just that. Cheers.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Brady's 10 months

This month has been full of fun for Brady-boy.  He got to watch Ryan's basketball games,  Ally cheer, cut another 2 teeth---praise!, spend the night at Honey and GPs, officially move to size 2T clothes, start to throw fits when he doesn't get his way, (which I can't help but laugh at...I know mom of the year here:)), and start crying when anyone is standing and he's sitting.  I love month 10 because I FINALLY feel like I can predict his schedule because He's sleeping through the night Yay!!!
He's a little charmer in his cute Under Armour
and he's very smart, and religious (note the magazine and stuff behind him...he's into everything.)
 he loves Ally's stuff especially her cool sunglasses

 He copies Ryan all the time. it's really sweet the way he tries to come up right beside him.  love them.
 and he throws crying fits when we're eating anything and don't give him a bite.  (He wanted my M&M here)
 My 10 month photo shoot was interesting...
 Got one good pic though and really that's all I need!
 what's this mom...a sticker??
 I'll take that off immediately
 and eat the gross sticker side
 soooooo happy until...
 mean mommy took it away
Love this boy.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine's Day Family Scavenger Hunt

 I have always loved Valentine's Day.  I know it's a forced holiday but I thoroughly enjoy it every year!  This year the kids were very opinionated about what Valentine's they wanted {and no I do not make handmade Valentine's cards...awesome for those of you that do, I wish I did but alas the Target section works well for us!}.  Mark was out of town so we got these babies done early for once.
Brady boy loved eating the paper....it's the little things :).
 hard at work
Valentines parties at school...so FUN!

 And this is where I cry.  Ryan always has a hard time expressing emotion, feelings, or deep thoughts (minus anger) so reading this from him is EXTRA special.  Especially since I wanted to punch him in the head that morning before school.  I restrained myself from physically hurting him for being a punk and I'm so glad I did because this was a pleasant treat.
And sweet Ally! Love is when Ryan says I love you.  STOP IT! It rarely happens and we're working on it but oh the sweetness of that girl gets me every time.
 Brady's first Valentines day...so 'taken' with that boy.
 he's on the goooooo all the time now
Mark and I gave up a date night on Valentines Day years ago, it's just not worth the stress so we usually have a family fun night.  This year I completely copied my sister Caryn's scavenger hunt idea from last year.  Why invent the wheel?? :)) Thanks C-rock!
Each destination on the hunt was a place in Waco where there has been some LOVE.  It was really fun and very easy.  I'd highly recommend it.
 Before we left Ally and I got some beautiful flowers from our boys.  So sweet!
 And we're OFF!!!! (and Ryan was very hungry so although he loved it, there were no smiles due to starvation....in hind sight I should have fed that boy first.  Still learning. )
 I first saw Mark at Midway High School playing baseball so that was the first stop on the Love hunt.
 It was really windy on Valentine's Day so I didn't get to hide the clues earlier in the day like I planned, but these guys never caught on.  Mark distracted them and I ran and hid the clue...teamwork

 #2--FBC Woodway where we were married

 #3 The Arboretum where we had our wedding reception

 opps...the wrong clue was laid out.  Oh well we made it work :)) they still had no "clue" he-he
 onto the mall for some Cookie cake!
 photo by Ryan

 we opted to eat at the mall food court because nothing says I love you more than a huge slice of pizza or Chick-fil-A nuggets.  And we all know the food court is super romantic :).
After food it was onto the house for the last stop.  This house we love.  We designed it, dad built it and all three of our children have come home from the hospital to this house.  We have outgrown it but the thought of moving is really hard on me.  I love driving up to our home, I feel safe here, the Lord has done a mighty work inside me and Mark in this home, we've grieved here, fought and made up here, survived illnesses here, celebrated here and hosted many a party, play-date, supper club, and playgroup here.  We have made minor changes here but the basic home is the exact way it was the day we moved in.  We love our home and are so blessed to own it.  I'm really not very sentimental but I get emotional over this place.  I feel grace every day here.

We had a great night and this pic makes me smile.  He likes the gift bag way more than the gift. 
Thank you Lord for your perfect love.  I am forever grateful.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Goooo Lightning Vipers...yep I said Lightning Vipers

 I feel like I just posted about Ryan's basketball team...but it's been an ENTIRE year.  This year has really flown by and the teams/years have started running together.  I find myself asking "was that this year or last year??" a lot.  I feel like I've all the sudden developed some sort of sports ADD.  I'm sure it's hormones just like everything else seems to be right now but if this is my brain at 36...how bright can my future be? scary. Sorry Mark Wood!:)
Anywho...Ryan is playing basketball for the Family Center as well as his school team this winter.  Yes I know I said never again after football, but I was weak and honestly I'm glad he's on both teams.    While I love our WCS team, the family center is a much more competitive group of 3-4th graders and he loves every second of it.  Mark is helping coach both teams and does a wonderful job with these boys.  They had a hard time choosing between the Lightning and the Vipers so his team is the Lightning Vipers.  And they're purple.  so weird in both name and color.
Ally is really Ryan's biggest fan and made this poster to hold up at his games.  She's the SWEETEST!
Team prayer before the game
Ryan is a force out there!

 Fans of the Lightning Vipers
 The Weaver Clan
Jake at the free throw line
 good game good game...so far the LV are undefeated.  
 We always love playing with Jake and Steve
 Great job boys
 Coach Powers and Coach Wood.  Nice job guys!