Saturday, February 9, 2013

Goooo Lightning Vipers...yep I said Lightning Vipers

 I feel like I just posted about Ryan's basketball team...but it's been an ENTIRE year.  This year has really flown by and the teams/years have started running together.  I find myself asking "was that this year or last year??" a lot.  I feel like I've all the sudden developed some sort of sports ADD.  I'm sure it's hormones just like everything else seems to be right now but if this is my brain at bright can my future be? scary. Sorry Mark Wood!:)
Anywho...Ryan is playing basketball for the Family Center as well as his school team this winter.  Yes I know I said never again after football, but I was weak and honestly I'm glad he's on both teams.    While I love our WCS team, the family center is a much more competitive group of 3-4th graders and he loves every second of it.  Mark is helping coach both teams and does a wonderful job with these boys.  They had a hard time choosing between the Lightning and the Vipers so his team is the Lightning Vipers.  And they're purple.  so weird in both name and color.
Ally is really Ryan's biggest fan and made this poster to hold up at his games.  She's the SWEETEST!
Team prayer before the game
Ryan is a force out there!

 Fans of the Lightning Vipers
 The Weaver Clan
Jake at the free throw line
 good game good far the LV are undefeated.  
 We always love playing with Jake and Steve
 Great job boys
 Coach Powers and Coach Wood.  Nice job guys!

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