Monday, February 25, 2013

Brady's 10 months

This month has been full of fun for Brady-boy.  He got to watch Ryan's basketball games,  Ally cheer, cut another 2 teeth---praise!, spend the night at Honey and GPs, officially move to size 2T clothes, start to throw fits when he doesn't get his way, (which I can't help but laugh at...I know mom of the year here:)), and start crying when anyone is standing and he's sitting.  I love month 10 because I FINALLY feel like I can predict his schedule because He's sleeping through the night Yay!!!
He's a little charmer in his cute Under Armour
and he's very smart, and religious (note the magazine and stuff behind him...he's into everything.)
 he loves Ally's stuff especially her cool sunglasses

 He copies Ryan all the time. it's really sweet the way he tries to come up right beside him.  love them.
 and he throws crying fits when we're eating anything and don't give him a bite.  (He wanted my M&M here)
 My 10 month photo shoot was interesting...
 Got one good pic though and really that's all I need!
 what's this mom...a sticker??
 I'll take that off immediately
 and eat the gross sticker side
 soooooo happy until...
 mean mommy took it away
Love this boy.

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