Monday, January 28, 2013

WCS Basketball PEP Rally

 We are thrilled that Ryan gets to compete in Basketball this year for our school.  It is the real deal---10 ft. goals, full court, referees and fouls---big kid sports has started and we love it.  To kick off the spring season WCS had a PEP rally.  I love seeing the kids go crazy, it's so fun!

Honey and Ally getting ready to CHEER
The 3rd and 4th grade Bball team---YEP that's how they roll
take 2
 sweet Brady and Heather.  He was teething like crazy but still a perfect angel during the PEP rally.
 Can you FEEL the excitement??
 And here they come...
 Ryan's head coach Kevin Ayers.  He does a wonderful job with these boys.
 The cheerleaders did a couple cheers (so cute),

 The Wildcat threw candy,
 And we had a ball.  

GOOOOO Wildcats!

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