Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We had such a wonderful surprise last week in Waco...SNOW! I love how beautiful everything looks with a layer of snow. It is so quiet and peaceful. I also love that we only get a couple of snow days a year here in Texas. (I could never live up north...bbuuuurrrrr). Ryan and Mark played outside all morning, while Ally and I watched from inside our nice warm house. Ally did go out for about 5 minutes and loved making footprints in the snow. If you click on this picture you can see her rain boot mid air, and that was all she wrote. After that she was inside with her momma :).

Ahhhh nice and toasty!

Yummy snow ice cream. (Look quick at who's smiling!!)

Such a wonderul calm family day at home, just what we needed!

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