Friday, February 11, 2011

GO Bears!

We finished a wonderful season of First Grade basketball last night. The difference between Kindergarten and First Grade Ball was HUGE! The boys are much more aggressive, athletic and know the game better. This was definitely the case with our Ryan. He was AMAZING to watch this year and he made at least 10 points every game!!! He had quite the cheering section too, which he just loved :-).

Mark coached this year and did a GREAT job. He is very patient with all the players and everyone got equal playing time, and had a blast every game.

Our boy has some serious skills!

The Bears were undefeated this year (even though we don't keep score---which is ridiculous at age 7!! Believe me ALL the boys knew the score!!)

Way to go BEARS!

I never realize how tall Ryan is until he's around kids his own age. He's got GP's height fo' sure!

Love this picture of my boys!! Way to go guys, you make me very proud!

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MLP said...

GO RYAN!!! Such a STUD MUFFIN! Glad the Bears had such an awesome season with their cool coach! You have awesome boys, Angie! :)

We are playing the Waco League this year with some boys from Walker's school. Let me just say it has been an experience! ha! It has been good though.