Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wii Birthday Bash

For Ryan's SEVENTH birthday this year he had several very specific requests. #1 He wanted a party at his house. #2 only boys (and his family, which includes several girls!). #3 Pizza and Cokes #4. A Wii party #5 no balloons or 'girlie' decorations :-) #5 at night! #6 snow cones---We managed to make 5 out of 6 of those dreams come true! (Snow cones didn't make it this year but we have been to Bahama Bucks several times the past few weeks).

Here's my extremely excited son...can't believe how big he is.

Some of the Wii stuff

3 TVs and a huge projector on Wii duty make for a happy birthday boy!

These two hung with the boys no problem!

The party guests including my sweet nephews

My sweet BOTH officially Due December 21st!!!! I So hope they all have the same birthday 11 hours apart, so I can be there for BOTH deliveries!!

My sweet Erica---basically my 3rd sister. Thanks E for helping out at the party!

Ahhh Dr. Pepper...this is my favorite picture of him right now. It captures his real smile and all of his handsomeness.

Cookie time

Some excited little boys (and Lila:-))

Opening the gifts was a race. All the boys are into the same stuff: Lego, Star Wars, Toy Story three, Nintendo DS, and Wii. Ryan has some really sweet friends, they we SOOO excited for each gift he received.

My precious family. Love. you. ALL.


This was by far the easiest party I've ever thrown (minus the setting up of 4 Wiis). I'd highly recommend it to anyone. Remember to 'Play like a Pro'.


Kacey said...

The CUTEST party for such a big 7 year old! I love that Lila was still allowed to come this year:) I think the Dr. Pepper picture says it all...pure happiness!

Krispy said...

LOVE it all!
The Angie Wood parties are legendary, and this is no exception!

Caryn said...

Such a fun par-tay and so obviously and thoroughly enjoyed by the birthday boy - nice one Ang!!

Shannon said...

WHAT AN AWESOME PARTY! Landon might just want to copy this! :-) So - get ready to give some advice!

shannonmichaelis said...

I guess we need a Wii to have this party, huh? :-) Love it all, down to inviting his two girl cousins, no girlie designs, and all boys. Such a great idea - love those cookies. Bet they taste as good as they look...

Kimberly said...


Katy said...

dern! i had this long great post all typed up and then it erased it. shoot!

well basically, it was an AWESOME party! i loved every detail. so fun for him.

and i counted a record breaking SEVEN smiles in one post from ryan wood.

and i love the purdys. and i kept looking for a baby grandchild thinking one was missing on the couch, but there wasn't. so i guess it is time for 3 more!

Sally said...

omg. i sooooo may need your help planning something similar to this for Jackson. he has told me he'd love a Wii or PS3 bday party and i didn't know how to pull it off. First off, he'd be turning 5, is that too young??? (obviously not in this house, but youth pastors are just little kids in adult bodies - ha!!!)
if i go this route, will you help me?
miss seeing you sista! love you with your cuties sissies all preggered up!!!! :)
see you soon!