Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Loves

These school days have FLOWN by so far. I blink and it's already 3:00. Which is so different than last year. I remember staring at the clock when Ryan was in Kindergarten thinking it would never ever be pick up time. Funny how perspective changes so much in such a short time. I ran across these pictures and the only tie between them is my love for all the subjects photographed :-)

Mark having a little pre-work tea party. He's such a good Daddy!

Ryan's playing flag football this year so we see a lot of 'pass patterns' in full football gear these days.

I'm not sure who has more fun?

I chose this picture because it shows off Ally's top teeth so beautifully! She probably only has a few more days left with that top right tooth, so I wanted to capture her full baby teeth smile. Mark and I noticed that her tooth was incredibly loose the other night (like barely hangin on!) and she nor I have any memory of her injuring that little tooth. I called our ped. dentist and after she examined her last x-rays she said this little tooth was loose 6 months ago!! I vaguely remember Dr. Trotter mentioning that her top tooth was slightly loose but had completely forgotten this bit of information until she graciously reminded me. Oh well, soon she'll match her cousin Wyatt's toothless grin!

Ryan also plays his DS after school a lot. It's amazing how he can play this and torture Ally's 'Blossom Bear" at the same time!

I love this year so far, I am a VERY blessed woman!


Shannon said...

You are a very blessed woman! What a sweet daddy to have a tea party before work! Landon plays his DS a ton after school as well. Must just be their time to unwind.

Libbie said...

So sweet.

Kimberly said...

There is no way it's time for our little ones to start being snaggle teeth!!!!

Precious kiddos and a sweet daddy.