Monday, September 13, 2010

Get your GUNS UP!

What a WONDERFUL time we had in Lubbock for Tech's season opener. We try to take a trip each fall to visit my Nana, hang with the family and brainwash the kids into believing that all things really are better in red and black! :-). I know I've mentioned that my precious angels have been arguing a lot lately so needless to say I wasn't too excited about a 6 hour road trip. But MUCH to my surprise they did great. (It helps having Honey's "car games" and GP's fast foot!).
Ally kept saying GOOOO Texas Tech, GOOOO Cowboys GOOOO Baylor...altogether like it was one long cheer. She's hilarious!

Ryan was super excited to see his cousins and smell that wonderful smell when you enter Lubbock County :)

My Nana graciously paid for The Smith family and us to stay in a hotel for three nights. I always say that my family loves a hotel and this trip was no exception. THANK YOU NANA!!

Breakfast with the cousins every morning. Seriously Caryn would you move here already?!?

Honey and GP took the kids to the park so my sisters and I could visit in peace with Nana. The kids loved feeding the ducks and playing outside. The weather was beautiful!

Nana and Gran taught Ryan from a very young age to play dominoes and he loves a good game.

Wyatt got a big boy haircut, he looks so old and handsome! (You too dad...HA!)

Three out of the four generations

Dinner at 50 yard line is a must when we visit the LBK

The next day was Game day-WHOO-HOO! We all dressed in our red and black and took the whole family to TTU Campus for some family pictures.

Future Red Raiders?

One Big Raider lovin' family

Lila was so cute. Kacey kept asking her to get her guns up and she gave us the BU bear claw! That's a great choice as well....and you'd be way closer to your Aunt Angie!

Honey and her little cheerleaders

Ryan does not love the red raiders but he was a good sport the whole weekend. He even picked out some Tech stuff at Red Raider Outfitter! Maybe we can slowly convince him that Lubbock is a great place to go to college!! This was the last picture of sweet Ally with all her teeth.

That's right, later that night I had to pull that sucker out. It was bleeding every time she ate and I was afraid she'd swallow it. It B-r-o-k-e this momma's heart to see her without two of her top teeth (one never came in). It suits her fun-loving personality though and it'll only be 3-4 years until her new one come in right?!?
Everywhere we go people ask us if Wyatt and Ally are twins. Now they have one more cute thing in common.

Peace out Lubbock.

A fun time was had by all.


angie said...

I forgot to mention that my sweet hubby came up the next day into all the Purdy/Anderson/Smith/Warren maddness. He really is SUCH a good sport about all this!

shannonmichaelis said...

Had no idea that Ryan did not like Tech! Sic 'em! Never knew Ally didn't get one of her teeth in and is now missing two! Can't believe you pulled that yourself. Hope she's an early bloomer on the permanent teeth. Love learning more things I never knew about your family!

Jill said...

They really do look alike!! It looks like y'all had a wonderful time!

Kimberly said...

I can't believe your whole family was there! What a fun, fun time. You know I love that you even made time for some family pictures all decked out in your red and black.

Love all your family traditions. This just confirms to me that our boys have to stay in town and go to Baylor so we can do this one day with them!

Caryn said...

Such a fun weekend!! Loved all your pictures and I love our cousin twins. :)