Monday, June 28, 2010

VBS rocked and ruled

We had such a FUN week at VBS this year. I get to teach with a lot of my besties and this year my sister Caryn was here again for the week and so was my sweet friend Shannon. It really was a great week!! Here is the week in pictures from the Missions room (the coolest room ever at FBC Woodway)
The three amigos


Sweetness and his mom

The whole Motley crew

Stacey's group

Ryan and Vancen

And traveling Sue...what a great outfit! (Sorry Lauren I didn't get you as traveling Sue ;-0)

Another awesome week of VBS


Caryn said...

Fun times - I hadn't seen that stellar picture of "sue". Can't wait for some more cousin time this weekend!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Love those mean green fighting machines. I am doing VBS for the first time ever starting this week - I am loving it. Justin is loving it too...

Libbie said...

I have yet to see any of the preschool missions either last year or this...looks like some fun times.

Mindy said...

I must brag on you mission girls! It was awesome. I look forward to putting my time in as "Sue" next year?!?

You guys are too fun and too cute!!! Big hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

I LOVED getting to spend so much time with you at VBS! Can't wait for next year! And yes...I think Mindy would be a great addition! :-)

Jill said...

Looks fun! That room does look VERY cool!