Thursday, June 3, 2010

My baby graduated!

My goodness has it already been a week? Ryan is officially a First Grader!
The night before his big graduation he got violently ill. He was up all night with an awful tummy bug so we were all a little stressed. He had been working on his song, poem, and scripture for weeks and he really really wanted to participate and of course we wanted to see that precious boy in his cap and gown. So...I did what all terrible parents do and sent him to school. I know, I can't believe it either. He actually never got sick again (thankfully) and we made it through the ceremony. We only went for an hour and then back home to bed. As I look at these pics, my little man looks pretty puny. Poor little one. Oh well, he was completely fine later that day and we're officially in summer mode around here---which I LOVE!!!
Here we are with Mrs. Purdy, the most amazing principal EVER!

Daddy and Ally waiting for our graduate

Ryan raced down that isle. It was hi-larious.

The cutest little Kindergarten class ever

His official diploma

Each student got an individual award from their teacher. Ryan received the honesty award. Way to go Ryan! My favorite part was that Mrs. Sims assigned them all a specific scripture to store in their hearts. By this point the lump in my throat was growing :).

He DID it. One proud mommy,

and Daddy,

and teacher,

and Honey and GP,

and Grandma and Grandpa!

We are so excited that some of our sweet friends will be going to first grade with Ryan. YAY!

Caden and Vancen


We are SOOOOO proud of you buddy and we cannot wait to see the plans God has for your future. You rocked Kindergarten and we know that you will do the same in first grade. We love you kiddo,

Mommy & Daddy


shannonmichaelis said...

Hey, you look great in orange! Glad the sickie could make the run down the aisle at graduation. Can;t believe he's so old!

MLP said...

OH Angie! What a BIG day! So thankful that your tough man was able to make it...that had to be rough (on all of you!!!). He looks so handsome in his cap and gown and I LOVE how he ran down the isle! Such a boy!!!

It's obvious what a wonderful little man you have.

Let's play SOON!!!

Kylie said...

I'd have sent him too-- it's a once in a lifetime moment!
I was emotional at the end of three year old preschool... I am in such trouble! I always love reading what Ryan is doing b/c I've always felt like he and Hudson had similar personalities and I love seeing where "we'll be" 2 years from now! :)
Congrats on making it through your first graduation!

Katy said...

Um...tears! So proud of Ryan and his honesty!! wow. I know you were pleased as punch to hear that one! Absolutely love the Bible verses she gave each child. How special and important!
Great school, great kid, great family! :)

Libbie said...

Love the graduation program. What a memory. Can't believe that our babies have finished Kindergarten. Where have the past 6 years gone? Way to go Ryan!