Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swim lessons

I feel like I should title this post...Ode to Mrs. Back.
My children absolutely adore her and I couldn't wait for another fun week of swim lessons this year. My kiddos both LOVE the water. This wasn't always the case with Ryan, but watching him today at the pool, you'd never know he didn't want to put his face in the water until he was almost 5. This boy can seriously SWIM.
"Let's do this!"
I hear that eating suckers before swim lessons makes you swim really, really fast.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

Ryan and Caroline raced everywhere they swam. They are both EXCELLENT swimmers.

The little guys were next and had a blast playing in the sand waiting their turn.

Ahh... preciousness

Landry, Ally and Charley

Ally has no fear of the water and Mrs. Back couldn't believe that she was Ryan's sister...they are very different:-). I loved watching Ally learn to swim.


Big brother was taking a break after class just chillin' in the chair. I feel like he looks like a teenager in this picture-slow down buddy!

Thank you Mrs. Back for another fantastic swimming experience!


Caryn said...

Great pics. Stacey III was looking at these and said, "But Ryan doesn't need swim lessons?" I felt like it was a head and shoulders commercial: "But you don't have dandruff?"...Exactly.

MLP said...

I have an Ode to Mrs. Back coming soon, too!!!

You DO have little fish. Love it and love all the goggle pics. Can't beat a pair of goggles!!!

Let's swim soon?!? HINT HINT! ha ha! Haddie has that same bathing suit!

Ryan does look a little too teenage-ish in that picture!

Libbie said...

This our first year with Mrs. Back and we love her. Looks like you guys had a fun week in the water.

Sally said...

Love that Miss Sandy!!!
Gosh, Ryan is looking SO BIG in these pics!!! ahhhh!