Monday, June 14, 2010

My Bunny Ballerina

My beautiful Ally had her very first dance recital. She was VERY excited and invited everyone she could think of to attend. She even asked the HEB check out lady if she'd like to come...:-). She's loves to sing the Bunny Ballerina song and she knew all her moves. We were ready to go! I was hoping she wouldn't freeze once she got on stage.
My precious bunny and her big brother

Mommy and Ally (photo taken by Ryan)

Ryan had a buddy to play with until the show started. Thank goodness for Vancen and his Nintendo DS.

Backstage getting ready to go!!

The sweetest little group of ballerinas you've ever seen

I mean come on this is TOO CUTE!

Ally and AnnMarie

The big moment came and Ally didn't miss a beat. She did GREAT!!

Shakin' their bunny tails

The finale

Mark and I were both choked up at her performance. I can't believe how wonderful they all did. Jenni Holley Dance puts on a great recital.

Daddy gave his girl some pretty flowers

And GP did too. GP is a pro at dance recitals with three girls :-)

Grandma came too

The girls (Caryn, Kacey and Honey) all gave Ally a special present. Ryan was "helping' her open it.

It was a James Avery Ballet charm-her very first charm!! She wears it all the time and tells me exactly why she received it and who gave it to her each and every time she wears it.

Thank you guys for coming.

Ally, Daddy and I love watching you dance, and we're so proud of you.


Shannon said...

PRECIOUS BUNNY BALLERINA!!!! What a cute costume! Loved hanging today and can't wait for the rest of the week!

Katy said...

darling little bunny girl! loved the charm idea--how special!

MLP said...

Cutest little bunny EVER!!! What a doll!

We are SO blessed to experience girl love AND boy love, aren't we?!?

shannonmichaelis said...

Love all the posts (sorry I am behind). Love the bunny dancers, the guys Memorial Weekend on the slab, the fact that you are going to be an aunt three times over (your expression on Caryn's video is priceless).