Sunday, March 28, 2010

Summer here we come!

On Saturday, Mark and I were working in the front yard pulling a million weeds when all of the sudden we were greeted by these guys in their swimsuits. I guess if it's 80 degrees out it's swimsuit weather at our house:-).

Ms. Priss and her cute polka dots. I'm like a moth to a flame when polka dots are in the vicinity. Especially polka dots on all the cute little girlie stuff.

Yes, I did buy Ryan a pirate swimsuit. He has been wanting something with a skull and crossbones on it for almost a year and I thought I'd surprise him with this. I really don't know where his fascination with all things Star Wars and good vs. evil comes from, but I figure as long as he has Jesus in his little heart he can wear pirate garb in moderation. (Do you see how I'm still talking myself into this purchase:-)!!!) I really wish I had a picture of his face when he saw his new suit. He was So excited.

We had such a fun little day playing outside. Bring it on Summer!


Caryn said...

PRECIOUS pictures angie - I would like to eat up that bathing beauty in her polka dot suit - she is getting so big and beautiful! And I might nibble a little on that pirate too ;)

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness! That sweet girl in her swim suit makes me smile! Nothing at all wrong with a little pirate wear! Landon has a shirt with one on it and I hear you on the talking yourself into it! Both kids are precious, precious, precious and I cannot wait to see them on Friday!

MLP said...

This reminds me of my kids ~ showing up outside in swimsuits! SO FUN!!! Ally is adorable in her polkas! And I am the same way about the skull and crossbones. Walker wanted trunks last year like that SO BAD! I've given in, too.

What a fun day with your precious family!!!

MLP said... your e-mail! SO FUN! Let me see what time our hoodie hunt is that day. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

The Junods said...

LOVE that polka dot suit! I feel the same way about skull and cross bones. You're good to go with the JC part. Yall's weather and blog posts are hilarious. Snow and now swimsuits! Texas!!!!