Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fishing with GP

Well guys, I am finally well! This was a sick 10 days and I have never been more thankful for my health. I appreciate your concern and prayers and I am looking forward to staying well for a long, long while. Now onto fishing news...

Thank the Lord for GP! Ryan has been begging to go fishing at the lake for months now. I know my son well and it's probably because there was a new Star Wars fishing pole at Academy that he's had his eye on. Thankfully, My dad took Ryan and Ally on a quick fishing trip last week to Twin Rivers. I know that all you Waco peeps are laughing at that, but they have a stocked pond out there and we got permission to fish away as long as you throw them back. They were really, really excited!

Mark bought both of them new fishing poles. I know they will get used a lot at the lake! GP, I hope you know what you're in for...

After a stop at the bait store they were ready! (Notice the Star Wars fishing pole:-))

This big girl loves spending time with the boys.

After about 30 seconds, Ryan caught his very first fish!!! Way to go buddy.

Ally loves her princess pole and is already asking to go fishing again with GP and Ryan.

There was another very special visitor at the pond. "My cousin Lila!"

These two were more interested in feeding the ducks,

or having a little snack,

or chillin' in this new chair. Like mother , like daughter:-).

Thank you Kacey for taking these pictures and Thank you GP for taking the kids fishing. I have a feeling it will be happening a lot this summer at the lake, or maybe cousins camp 2010!


Shannon said...

No one better be laughing! That pond is the best for little fishing trips! My kids have been with Doc and Mimi there a few times and LOVE IT every time they go. Such great pictures and way to go GP! So glad you are feeling better.

MLP said...

What an awesome GP and what precious kiddos with their fishing poles!!!!!!!!

How can we get access to that pond?!? Ha!

Glad you are feeling better, sweet friend. Bless your heart!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

First, so glad to hear you are better! Whew....I was about to rally the troops and get some meals to you:)

Those have to be the coolest fishing poles ever. You can tell Ryan was LOVIN' fishing time with GP. I love special moments like these with grandparents. Such sweet memories for your kids!

Enjoy the sunshine today!

Jill said...

I am SO sorry that you have been sick! Yuck! Your kids are so cute!