Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break in Pictures

I love Spring Break, I always have. As a kid, a college student, teacher and now mother, I really look forward to this week every single year. I love spring colors and spring clothes and 70 degree weather, baseball and leaving the windows open. Love it. love it. love it. We were planning on taking the kids on a surprise trip to San Antonio, but we rescheduled. Hopefully we will take a family trip over Easter, when all four of us will be W-E-L-L! (OK enough about being sick...sorry). Since we were home, and it's been gorgeous, we have been outside soaking it up.

Ahh thank you Ally for the weed, I mean flower.

Mark and Ally having a tea party



and a lot of Star Wars go fish.

Ally trying to hypnotize Mark. She kept saying,"You're getting very sleepy." I bet he was:).


Slumber party,

And Baseball practice.

My wonderful dad took the kids fishing (pics on that coming soon!). Mark took Ryan to play golf on the 'big' course at cottonwood where he made two actual bogies playing from the men's tees!!! we have ourselves a great little athlete. We also watched movies and had takeout and a wonderful overall week. I am now ready for the lazy days of summer now, aren't you?

Happy Spring!


Caryn said...

Great pictures Ang. Looks like your kids loved Spring Break too!!

Shannon said...

What a relaxing, fun Spring Break! Love all the pictures! My favorite is Ally making Mark very sleepy! :-)

Mindy said...

You are right on about Spring Break!!! Love love love it, too!!!

Great pics.........my favorite is the tea party with Mark! All of the pics are great. What a sweet, fun family you guys are.

Love ya'll!