Friday, March 12, 2010

Cousin ZOO Day!

Before Spring Break we took the kids to the zoo. It was a beautiful day and not crowded at all. It was so funny because Ally was acting like she'd never been to the zoo before and was so excited to see each and every animal. I just love Cameron Park Zoo. In fact, it would for sure make my list of Top 10 things I heart about Waco, Texas:-)
Ally and me

Two little Indians

Ryan the snake charmer

So thankful that Honey loves to play with her five grand kids. She's the best hands-on Honey ever!

Both of my sweet children know that I don't love snakes, so they always try to scare me with snakes. Ally was lovin' the fact that I was surrounded by snakes. (The things I'll do for my kids...)

Ryan also loves snakes and their creepiness.

"Look mommy there's Dori (from Nemo)!"

The cousins loved seeing this alligator as well


All in all a perfect day at the zoo!

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Mindy said...

We went yesterday! LOVE our zoo, too!

Cute pics. I love that first one of you and Ally. You are beautiful and so is that sweet little girl of yours!!!

Ryan looks so much like Mark in that very last picture. Cuties!!!