Sunday, February 7, 2010

This is the way we party

At one point in my life if you would have told me I'd be at home in my PJ's with my kids on Super Bowl Sunday I would have said you're crazy!! Thankfully I don't always know best. I know...soak in that last sentence. I don't always know best:-). Tonight there's no place else I rather be.

I hope you are enjoying your evening.


Mindy said...

A very similar party went on at my house! I, too, wouldn't have it any other way!!! Next year though we could combine our parties, uh?!?

The Junods said...

Love it! No greater party! We didn't even see it here. We were sleepin' away! What is that football game? Looks like a winner for our house.

619 Barnett Blvd. said...

Love Ryans Smile!