Monday, February 15, 2010

Daddy, Daughter Date Night

We made it! A Taste of Honey went great (pics on that later), the sicknesses left our house and somehow through grace and prayer we survived! Praise the Lord!

For Valentine's Day this year Chick-fil-A really outdid themselves. Mark got the privilege of taking Ally on a Daddy, daughter date night to her favorite restaurant. I cannot help but get a little misty looking at these pictures. Ally loves her Daddy SO very much and has really been looking forward to her very first date. She asked to wear a "pretty dress" so of course I got her dressed up for their big night. Here they are about to leave. If only I could post the amount of smiles and giggles that took place as Ally was leaving-pure J-O-Y!

Melt. my. heart.

Once they got to Chick-fil-A, they waited to be seated and then Ally received a goodie bag and a rose! They also got their picture taken together and were seated in a special section of the restaurant. Sweet Ally loves dessert just like her momma and was so happy about her brownie sunday.
Doesn't she look so Happy?!

And no Daddy, daughter date would be complete without a trip to Toys R Us. Mark said she could pick out anything she wanted and this is what she chose...a big pink ball. AAhh, Ally girl you're an easy one to please!

I love that Mark was able to spend time alone with Ally and I pray their relationship remains like this always.


Kacey said...

What a fabulous Daddy that Mark Wood is!!! It is so important for her to have memories like this! I love that Chick Fil A thought to do this. Also, what treat could be better than a big pink ball?

MLP said...

This has melted another heart..............MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just love this, Angie!!!

Shannon said...

I think my favorite part of the night was Mark taking her to Toys R Us and what did that sweet girl pick? I PINK BALL! That is just too precious. What a sweet, sweet time with Daddy and Ally! Here's to many more date nights with Daddy!

Edison said...


Katy said...

Oh I just love the one of him giving her a kiss on the cheek! Precious and what a sweet moment. There's something too special about daddies and daughters!!

Sally said...

that is the sweetest thing ever Angie, love it!!! she'll never forget those sweet times with Daddy!
and...OMG!!! i got the sweet lovie you sent thru your mom and then my mom (hee hee!) it is ADORABLE and so stinkin soft. love it!! you did not need to do that friend. thank you so much! looking forward to seeing you soon!

Libbie said...

Such a sweet sweet post!! Love those daddy daughter relationships!! Kuddos to you Mark.