Tuesday, February 23, 2010

S to the N-O-W!

There is just something about watching the snow fall that is extremely calming. We have had such a fun day playing and being lazy around here that it almost feels like a vacation:-). Ryan got out of school at 11:30 today and couldn't wait to get home and throw some snowballs. By the way, He's a great shot. Here's a few pictures of our Terrific Tuesday.
This is the only time sweet Ally ventured outside. She likes looking at the snow from inside the warm house. But she sure does look cute (thanks Heather for these ear muffs...PRECIOUS!)

Ryan has been smiling non-stop today. Such a treat!

Oohhh Ahhh so pretty

Our mini-Vader Snowman

Ryan and I had so much fun building this. We came up with all sorts of ideas for awesome snowmen. He loves to be creative!

Oh course then he had to get in a little light saber duel.

And that turned into light saber baseball? Thanks R-man for playing with me today. I love seeing your big boy smile, it warms my heart!

Thank you Lord for this perfect day. (And for the 10:00 start tomorrow:-)).


MLP said...

Walker is ALL ABOUT your Vader snowman!!! That is too cool!!! You guys are so creative!!!

Hadlee felt the same way as Ally about the snow (me, too, to be honest!).

Blessings from the Reeds said...

This turned out to be one FUN day for kids (well, parents too!) Your snowman is a HIT at our house. We drove around our neighborhood rating the snowmen. Landry just saw this picture and has voted it #1 in his book. ha!

Looks like you guys enjoyed the day!

Katy said...

Ah! I totally agree about the calming, peaceful feeling the falling snow brings! I was thinking the same thing today. It was so beautiful! I laughed out loud at Ryan's snowman. hehe :)

Caryn said...

So glad you guys got your snow day! I LOVE your vader snowman - priceless and SO perfect for you guys, hilarious I just loved it!!

And thanks for all the Waco the land ofs - I obviously had writers block!

Libbie said...

Blaine just loves the light saber duel pic!! What great pics from a wonderful day.

Shannon said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Vader Snowman! What a fun day for Waco peeps! So glad you saw so many smiles from your boy today!

Melissa said...

I love that snowman! Ally cracks me up and ryan's excitement is so evident. I love it! How fun for y'all! I will gladly send any and all snow down to you if ryan wants me to. :)

shannonmichaelis said...

I truly just never thought I would see the day that Angie Purdy would be out in the snow with a light saber. That post was pure hilarity! And that snowman - don't even know what to say? Laughter all over this one....