Friday, October 23, 2009

She's Crafty

I really love this time of year. It's starting to get cooler, I can bust out my Uggs, and my coffee each morning tastes even better. I also enjoy decorating our house for fall and my children really love looking at, or completely destroying all of the decorations! This year for our annual craft night Lauren came up with a great idea. I am a sucker for some glitter. Cute and simple and let's face it kids in costumes are just precious!

I copied my crafty sista Kacey with these pillar candles. I think Merry Christmas would also be really cute!

Moon Pie Owls for a Fall party. Hopefully mine will turn out just this cute!

A simple place setting. Ryan likes spiders and a spider ring on a fork will bring some smiles at dinner time.

Here's the craft for Ryan's party a Styrofoam spider...oohhh...aahhh!

I can copy a great idea like noone else! Have a great weekend.


shannonmichaelis said...

love it, especially the photos of all the costumes. right up my alley!

MLP said...

Lovin' it allllllllll!!! Going to have to steal some of these ideas! Have a great weekend, my friend!

Shannon said...

Yep - stealing the ideas this very minute! LOVE the pictures. Way to go, Laurie!

Sally said...

such cute fun ideas! love them!!!

Kylie said...

how do you make those pillar candles? I can see "Merry Christmas" across my mantle this year! :)