Monday, October 26, 2009

Lubbock 2009

This weekend we drove to the LBK. I love going to Lubbock and visiting my sweet Nana, stopping by Texas Tech campus, tailgating, the football game, cooler weather, and fun times with my family. This year Ally and I were fortunate to ride up with the Warrens and these two cuties had a blast in the car. Apparently all you need is a watch and a pair of sunglasses for hours of entertainment.

After lunch they were out. Lila and Ally both had their puppy and blanket the whole way.

Nana has some great toys at her house. Ally especially loved the piano, matador, and mini trampoline. Thank you Nana for hosting us this weekend!

Around 9:30 my little man made it. It is so different this year having to factor in Friday school. I have to remind myself constantly that Ryan can't leave town until 3:30. He rode up with Honey and GP and Mark followed soon after. Nana was very happy to see her oldest great-grandchild.

The next day was Game day and my crazy brother-in-laws put on a great pre-game tailgate. Mark and the boys played a mean game of red-neck golf and Ryan and III were fascinated by the smoker. (click on this pic to see the pig they cooked...)

The Will Rogers statue is wrapped in Red every game day and the kids thought it was way cool.

Some future RAIDERS! I remember taking pictures like this growing up and I cannot believe that now I have children taking the same shot. Amazing.

We have a few running jokes of comments made during TTU games. Mom has the famous,"Do something Spectacular Tech!" and Dad's, "We were there!" and I think a new phrase can be added to this list. "For 33 years I have been cheering on the Raiders, I love' em!"-he he. (I realize that probaby doesn't sound funny to anyone other than my sista Caryn.)

A little pretend football on campus


These two are very funny when they're together. Constant smiles.

If only Tech had won it would have been the perfect weekend. Thanks again Nana, we love you very much and we can't wait to see you again soon.


Caryn said...

Love em...I love em - hilarious!!! Loved this post and our weekend together! Your Stacey and Ryan collage was precious, the canes pop ups were cracking me up. Love you!

The Junods said...

I love the family Raider tradition. Great pics. What an awesome weekend. Those cousins are too much fun! I seriously feel like I could just jump in the Purdy family and LOVE it as much as you do. I don't know about the red and black but everything else hits pretty close to home :)

Shannon said...

Such a fun weekend! I told Caryn that the only thing missing was Tech attire for Mark in the Purdy family pic. Such great cousin pictures!

shannonmichaelis said...

love all the family time, napping in the car, pig roast, horse wrapped in red, etc. i think i learned a lot of traditions of a tech fan from the post. too bad it was a shocking game....

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Aww....LOVE that school and all of the Red Raider traditions. I only hope (and pray) my kiddos will want to go there too. I Loved that school!

AND....I love seeing the Purdy family having so much fun. I thought of you guys this weekend. What a cRaZy game?!?! Still love that school though.

Thanks for sharing such FUN and WONDERFUL pictures with us. Your family is just precious in their Red and Black. Guns Up!

Sally said...

how fun that looked!!!

Katy said...

Love that TT action!!!!!! I really feel like the Svobodas could have slipped right in on that family pic!!!!!! :)
And--I'm surprised that Stacey did not gag when he took care of that pig. I've heard his hurl reflex is pretty active.

Mindy said...

Your entire family is waaaaaaaaaaaay too cute in your Tech gear!!! I love all that spirit!!! What a great post. I started to like Tech as I was reading! hee hee!!! (I must say I had a very happy hubby on Saturday night!).

I especially love those first pics of the girls in the car. They will always be so you and your sisters are.

LOVE this post. Feelin' the Red Raider Purdy Love!!!