Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sparkle, Ironman BEVO and another first

We took Ally and Ryan to Build-A-Bear this weekend to celebrate losing binky and starting Kindergarten! They both really love this place and it's fun to watch them throughout the whole process. Ally chose a pink unicorn and named it Sparkle and my son chose BEVO and named him Ironman BEVO. Yes you read that right we allowed a UT animal in our house...anything for our kids:-)!!! At least he's consistent in his uniqueness.

Here is Sparkle in her Hello Kitty PJ's and hot pink shoes. She inherited Ally's knack for accessorizing.

This morning was Ally's first day at MDO this year. She has wanted to go with Ryan almost every day since he started school, so to say she's excited is a huge understatement. This girl was all smiles this morning going to "school".

Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of you and we hope you have a wonderful, binky-free day today. We love you cutie pie!


Caryn said...

So fun!! I was just reading SM's post about Justin at build a bear and the creations that come out of that place crack me up, I've seen an mermaid dog, a nascar black lamb and now a pink unicorn and BEVO (sacrilege!). What a great way to celebrate two very significant accomplishments in your house!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Ah Build a Bear - such a ridiculously crazy place that makes kids happy (but not their parents' checkbooks!). Love the first day of MDO - can't believe she's old enough to go! That's nuts! So fun for you to have a childfree day! Enjoy that time to yourself!

Kacey said...

Bevo...shmevo. We will get him to understand one day. I love the first day pics! We took ours this morning too:)

Mindy said...

WOOOOOOOO nellie! Bevo?!?!?!?! Cracking me up! I find myself really having to hold back MY choices and opinions for the kiddos in places like Build a Bear. Gotta let their imaginations SOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Ryan and Ally's choices!

And what a precious, happy, beautiful little girl going to MDO! Makes ME smile!!!

Kylie said...

I have wondered if there were things for little boys in there- now I know! I'll have to take Hudson sometime!

and by the way, this is just inappropriately funny, the word verification for me to type in on this post is "sperm."

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Ok, so Texas Tech Univ. called and wanted to know if you were changing teams on them?? Kidding! Once a Red Raider, always a Red Raider right? Bevo and pink Unicorn turned out pretty cute.

Ally looks like a doll! All ready for her MDO. Hope you had a wonderful childfree day!

Sweet pictures!