Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

...Ryan turned 6! We had a kickin' Star Wars party last night to celebrate Ryan's birthday. The day was not a typical Angie organized event, but somehow with the help of my AMAZING house party (Caryn, Kacey, Mom, Heather and Lauren) the party turned out to be a galactic good time-he he!

Here's how the day went.

Ally's STILL sick so no MDO, Drop Ally off at Grandma's, Errands and more Errands, hospital visit to keep my friend Erica company while her mom was in surgery, a text from Mark that we have to take Ally back to Dr. Nesmith, Dr. visit followed by a complete mental breakdown. And oh yeah the party's at 5:30. UUGGHH!!! Ally was diagnosed with strep last week so we've been very low key for an entire week now. Her fever would not go away so we went back to the doctor to find out she now has the flu as well as the original strep. Ya'll know that news just did me in. My sweet husband took the afternoon off from work knowing I would need his shoulder to cry on-thank goodness for his intuition. At one point Ally was praying for me. She kept saying, "Dear God, it's OK" . I mean she is the sweetest!!! And then she asked Mark to bring me some ice water to make mommy better:-) After an hour, several phone calls and some serious delegating we were having the party. Ryan has been looking forward to this forever and he had a fantastic time.

The invitation

Before we left for the party Ryan opened cards from Nana and Aunt Shirley. Thank you both for his sweet cards and birthday money. He is anxious to go to Target and spend it:-)

And we wouldn't have been able to go to the party without sweet Grandma coming over to watch Ally. Norma you really blessed me yesterday. Thank you VERY much. Do you see Ryan's big smile??!!

The *Cersey Professional Party Planning Team had everything looking amazing. Thank you sisters. There is no way I could have done this without you. Don't mess with these three. Princess Leia has nothing on us:-)

(*Cersey is a name my dad used to call Caryn, Kacey and our dog Lindy growing up. It's a combo of all Purdy names)

The decorations

Some party Padawans

The kids played in the gym the entire time-note Ryan's sweatiness. I'm pretty sure sweatiness=FUN!

Click on this picture to see the all the kids with Darth Vader. Each Jedi got to have a foam light saber for the party. I wish I could upload some video of the smacking, hitting and smiles that went on during the party. Even little baby Clark got to get in on the light saber action.

Now it was time for some Galactic pizza, light sabers, The Force Fruit salad, Vaderade, Jedi Juice, Ewok Eats and The Dark Side chips and dip.

And then cake and Yoda Soda.

Singing Happy Birthday to my little Jedi in training.

Ryan told me not to get a cake this year but I figured his friends might enjoy it! How can you have a party without cake?

The Yoda Soda servers

Onto the gifts

Ryan has wanted a Nintendo DS for a while now. Honey and GP scored big time with this gift.

Honey trying to sneak in a little kiss.

Group shot of the Star Wars gang (Look at how proudly Stacey is holding Lila-so stinkin' cute)

We really did have a wonderful party. Ryan wanted to make sure his sister got to see the balloons, have a piece of cake and experience some of the party when we got home. Melt. my. heart. I have a feeling that this is a scene I will be seeing a lot at my house.

Feel better soon my little princess!

I know I say this every year but I cannot beleive that my baby is 6!

Daddy and I love you so much and we are so proud of you this year. We love that you love kindergarten and that you are storing God's word in your heart. It has been awesome to hear you ask very important questions about becoming a beliver. That is the most important thing in your life and I feel extremely blessed to know that you are starting to really get it. I am also thrilled beyond words at how sweet you are to Ally and your cousins. It is awesome to watch you with them. I hope you have a wonderful day today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love you baby boy!

Mommy and Daddy- Jedi Masters


The Junods said...

OH my word! That's just stupid it so fun! I love it, all of it! You and your sisters are awesome. They probably put everything together but I have no doubt you were organized well beyond the norm so you get glory too! The Purdys know how to swing any party. So glad it was fun for Ryan and you too. Sweet sweet Ally!! Bless her precious heart. I will pray for her and that little body to get well. What a great post and incredible party! Happy Bday Ryan!

Sally said...

awww, what a great party and them idea!! so fun - great job mama!! :)

Melissa said...

it was great! i was feeling your stress from here just reading this post. i love your sweet family and wish i was there to help. i hate the sickies. i will be praying that you don't get strep..knowing our propensity to get it just being in the same town as someone else who has it! happy day ryan!!!

Mindy said...

WOW! That is one amazing party! I love every single thing! YOu guys are awesome! Can I hire the Cersey Professional Party Planning Team for my next party?!?

I am so sorry Ally has been sick...I didn't know. That just had to break your heart that day. I'm so sorry!

Glad the party was awesome (it was quite obvious that it was!) except for Sweet Pea being sick.

Happy Birthday Handsome Ryan!!!

Shannon said...

Sweet Sweet Ally! Please give her big hugs and kisses from me!

WHAT A PARTY! Such fun and of course measured up to every Purdy party before it. AMAZING! I will show L all the pics.

Hang in there and I will pray that everyone else stays well!

Katy said...

Very fun party it was!
Super job you did!
Ok, that's the best Yoda impression I can do.

Anyway, Jedi Master, it was a fabulous party, and I had so much fun going around and reading all the names of the snacks. It was a fun party for the mommies and daddies too! :)

Kacey said...

you r one awesome momma! Ryan LOVED everything and had so much fun! The cersey team was proud to help out:) tell ally we will come over and PARTY next week.

Edison said...

are you sure she is sick? she sure is cute to be so sick!! looks like a great party!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Oh my! I was getting wound up just reading about your day. Poor sweet Ally. I am so sorry she was so sick. Bless her heart.
Even though that day was so crazy for you I would have never guessed it by the pictures. Wow, what a FUN party! Ryan looked sooooo happy. You were SUPER mom that day. God knew who to send to help you out too. Great job my friend.
You made it and it looked like one fabulouse party for Ryan. I hope Ally is doing MUCH better! Gotta love Dr. N:)Loved all the pictures!

Nicki W. said...

YOU ROCK mama! i am so sad ally is sick :( kacey and i just had a playdate and she told me all about it. you all looked like you had a very fun time anyway!!!!

Sherrie said...

Oh my goodness! You are so creative! Allie's birthday is next June so you can go ahead and think of some ideas for her :)