Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wyatt's 2!

My sweet little Wyatt turned 2 last Sunday and we got to have his birthday party right here in Waco, which was pretty awesome! My sister Caryn did a fantastic job with his "peeps" party. Please go visit her blog for some really great pics. Here's the whole Purdy fam (minus Josh) enjoying the fun! Note the GIANT Bunny. It started to deflate soon after this picture so the kids decided it would make the perfect punching bag. Pretty funny seeing all the kids in their cute spring clothes hitting the tar out of this huge bunny!

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

The grown up food. If you have not tried Secret Chef's Chicken Salad you are missing out. It is soooo yummy!

The kid's lunches

Ally hunting some serious eggs. She had so much fun:-).

Honey and Ally

GP and Lila

A group shot on the new trampoline

Ryan's eggs. There was no limit this time and he cleaned house!

AnnMarie was super excited that there was candy in those eggs.

Peep cupcakes for Wyatt and all his "peeps"

The sisters again:-). It was a really fun day!


Blessings from the Reeds said...

What a FUN party! The kids lunches were adorable....all of it was. This is such a neat post. You have a beautiful family!!

MLP said...

Ya'll do the BEST, most CREATIVE parties!!!!!!!!!!! I am loving all of the spring colors on all of the precious kiddos AND on the beautiful sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Cute Wyatt!!!

Caryn said...

Sweet post Ang!! Love the montage of Ally hunting eggs. I like to reliving all the fun :)

Shannon said...

Such a precious peeps party! And that picture with Ally and Honey is too sweet! I love your mom's hair like that!