Monday, April 13, 2009


I sure hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We had such a wonderful week celebrating with our family. I look forward to Easter ever year and this year was no exception. I love the spring colors, parties, and Easter baskets but most importantly I love remembering the cross and resurrection. It is hard to even imagine the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. I always tear up just thinking about the physical pain and mental anguish he endured. I am then filled with joy that he conquered death. Can I get a Hallelujah?!!!! There is nothing more significant. He rose again so that I might have life. He knows my name and the number of hairs on my head. Awesome.

This week we were busy. We had an egg hunt at school, celebrated my nephew's Wyatt's 2nd birthday, celebrated Uncle Josh's real birthday and Mark's fake birthday, jumped on GP and Honey's new trampoline, and honored Easter...whew! All of these events deserve their own post and will get one :-). I just decided to post pictures from Easter first and then backtrack. Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Some Easter basket fun at Honey and GP's

The Wood fam

The cutest coordinating cousins ever!
Take 2

Sisters. I LOVE my sisters:).

We had many conversations with Ryan about the meaning of Easter and why it is so important. His questions are so innocent and thought provoking and he is really starting to get it. However, it is possible that we had one too many conversations about Easter...
Me: "What is Easter?"
Ryan: "Jesus dying on the cross." "I mean the day that he came back to life."
Me: "Why is that important?"
Ryan: "He went to heaven so that we can be alive with God."
Me: "How can we be alive with God?"
Ryan: "When we die in heaven."
Me: "Anyone can go to heaven"
Ryan: (Annoyed) Mom!!! you already know that's not right! You have to believe in Jesus first!

Gotta Love my boy:)!


Caryn said...

So CUTE!! I have more pictures to send to you. I had such a great weekend with you and your precious family!!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

What a smart boy! haha. Oh, the pictures of the kids, your family, and your sisters are just beautiful. Sweet, sweet family!

Mindy said...

WOOOOOOOOO nellie! I have so many comments! Hope I can remember them!!!

Sweetie Pie looks BEAUTIFUL in her Easter dress & then HANDSOME matching Big Brother! THEN you bring on the
Coordinating Cousins! Bestill my heart! I LOVE IT!!!

You and your sisters.........GORGEOuS!

Your family of four........PRECIOUS!!!

Love Ryan's story! What a kid!!!

Yes, we were at Woodway. I loved the music so much and loved seeing you up there. You looked beautiful. I loved your spring-y green skirt with the white!!! I love being at Woodway!!!

I'm with you on backtracking...I have about five Easter posts to go! Easter is well worth it.

Oh yeah, almost forgot...I'll give you a Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

What a beautiful Purdy family! And those kids...oh my stars...I am coveting that green sweater Ally and Lila are wearing I have been eyeing it at Baby Gap for my girl. :-) Love and miss you guys! Hope to see you soon!