Friday, April 3, 2009

Color Time

After hearing a long period of silence yesterday I walked into the playroom to see this beautiful sight. Both of my children having a great time coloring in their coloring books. Ryan was acting so kind and sharing all of his cool twistable crayons with Ally. I tell you I almost teared up. I know that all siblings love each other but all you mom's out there know that some weeks are just plain harder than others. We have had one of those weeks:-). It was just really a blessing to have 20 minutes of no yelling, no complaining, no whining, sharing, laughing, just being all around kind to one another. It was blog worthy (thanks Mindy).

Ally giving the Dora coloring book a hug. She loves Dora!
A real smile?! I caught him mid laugh, which I will try from now on.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Caryn said...

So sweet - GREAT picture of Ryan and of course Ally too. I believe 100% that those precious moments are blog worthy and worthy of lots of praise!! 20 minutes of no fighting goes a long way for this mommy!

MLP said...

Nothing like those sweet blog worthy moments!!! Ryan and Ally are just precious! Little joys!

Must be something in the air. Hadlee and Walker all of the sudden are fighting about everything! Crazy!!!!!!! Better yet, driving this mommy crazy!

Libbie said...

It truly makes you glad to be a mom when both your kids are being so sweet and loving together!! Thanks for sharing!!