Monday, January 28, 2013

WCS Basketball PEP Rally

 We are thrilled that Ryan gets to compete in Basketball this year for our school.  It is the real deal---10 ft. goals, full court, referees and fouls---big kid sports has started and we love it.  To kick off the spring season WCS had a PEP rally.  I love seeing the kids go crazy, it's so fun!

Honey and Ally getting ready to CHEER
The 3rd and 4th grade Bball team---YEP that's how they roll
take 2
 sweet Brady and Heather.  He was teething like crazy but still a perfect angel during the PEP rally.
 Can you FEEL the excitement??
 And here they come...
 Ryan's head coach Kevin Ayers.  He does a wonderful job with these boys.
 The cheerleaders did a couple cheers (so cute),

 The Wildcat threw candy,
 And we had a ball.  

GOOOOO Wildcats!


My kids were EXTREMELY excited that their dad qualified for President's Club.  He ended up winning the Summit award as well which gets us a suite in San Diego as well as two more days of fun----YIPPEE!!!  I know that I say this every year but I am so very proud of Mark.  It wasn't an easy feat and I am very thankful that he made it again.  

To celebrate Dad, Ryan and Ally made him this banner for our bedroom.  The entire project was run by these two and they did a great job!!
Ryan wrote the letters and Ally decorated them

It is Proudly displayed in my bedroom.  They couldn't wait for Mark to get home the week after Christmas so he could see his banner.  
 Every letter has a very personal drawing and message from Ryan or Ally.  It's still up in my room today, I can't seen to take it down because they worked so hard on it.
 And this is the famous (in NFIB circles anyway) poster that my kids made and marked off every work day from June-December.
Whoa...that's a lot of sales and just a little bit of pressure for Mark.  He took it all in stride and did a great job.  
So this March the five of us will be headed to San Diego and visit the Zoo, Legoland, Disneyland and Sea World.  For this momma who fears flying and can get anxious at amusement parks it should be an adventure!  You can go ahead and start the prayers coming:)))).

Mark, Thank you for loving us and providing for us the way you do.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Years Eve

 We rang in 2013 with a bang this year...literally.  Unfortunately, I had a horrible migraine and missed the annual party at the Nesmiths, {boo:(}.  But Mark got a bunch of fireworks and sparklers and I didn't miss that!! My kids and Mark LOVE sparklers, loud poppers, and tanks and this year they all had a great time in out front yard ringing in the New Year.  I'm not so sure our neighbors thought it was as fun as we did.

No New Year's Eve is complete without sparkle boots, a snow white nightgown and pink striped pajama pants 

 ohhhh ahhhhh
 my little pyromaniacs :)

 fun memories, thanks Mark!

I hope you have a wonderful 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Brady's 9 months old

Is this baby cute or what??!! I know I'm not partial or anything :).  I say this almost every month but this month it's SO hard for me to believe that he's already NINE months old! This month there has been a lot of changes for him.   Teething... I forgot how AWFUL that is.  Teething is miserable for all of us!  There has been lots of exploring, he's crawling everywhere and into everything.  Also a lot of changes  in eating---he's becoming much more opinionated with food.  He wants to feed himself and wants to eat what we're eating.  He's still an unpredictable sleeper but that's probably because our schedule is pretty full.  His personality is calm, and he loves being the center of attention!! 

I love this boy to the moon and back.  Happy nine months Brady Boy

 This is probably his favorite toy.  That's right Ally's big, pink, soccer ball.  He loves it and looks like a little puppy dog playing on the floor.

 I also see a lot of this action.  He's started pulling up, which means standing will be soon...sniff sniff.
Official stats:  {still off the charts}
Weight: 26 pounds---which is exactly what my niece Caroline and nephews Coyt and Crew weigh...but they're TWO.
Height: 30.5 inches---he's gonna be tall like Ryan
Says- da-da, bubba, ba-ba(bottle), ry-ry, and ahhhh.  no mama:(
New feats this month: the sippy cup, pulling up, eating food off the floor, finding the teeniest tiniest thing and immediately putting it your mouth, new teeth, liking the car more, shuning baby food, first finger foods, size 18-24 month cloths---2T PJS, testing your vocal cords more, drooling like crazy, love going outside

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

Wow is it really already January 10th today?? Sweet Ry-ry's been sick this week so I've lost a few days!  We had an absolutley wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  Every other year we do Christmas morning at our house and this was our year.
These guys could hardly contain themselves and were ready to open their gifts from us and each other.

Size 5 basketball shoes this year....that's a woman's 7!! He's gonna pass me soon.
And a tag reader for our little reader

And you better believe we didn't forget this little mess.  He crawled under the Christmas tree and got the lights and ornaments too many times to count--- I was glad to say bye-bye to the decorations this year!
A quick change of clothes and he was ready to open his gifts
So fun! he loves this little toy Ryan picked for him
And Ally was excited to get her first Lego friends set

Thank you Bubba!

Ninjago Encyclopedia for Ryan, 
Under Armor shorts for coach Wood
And a Keurig for momma---YEA!
Ally built this all by herself
And then helped me cook a breakfast casserole

After a day of relaxing we got ready for the Christmas Eve service at our church
My precious babies.  We had a wonderful service and Brady made it almost the entire time.  This year was bittersweet because we knew our beloved Pastor Toby was in his last days.  It was a wonderful time of worship and reflection for all of us.
Then bright and early Christmas morning....SANTA!!!!
Brady's loot
and Ryan's stocking
Mark must have been really good this year too! {I also had a stocking but the pic somehow got deleted.}
We had some very special visitors come see Brady's first Christmas morning
Sweet sweet picture!
my little sleepyhead.  One of the things I love most is that Brady is SUCH a snuggle bug in the morning.  Makes me happy every day!
And this little one takes about 20 minutes to wake up so she needed some extra hugs :)
"Can I go see my stocking??"
Ryan busted out and ran straight to his stuff

What'd you get Brady Boy??
Paper PLATES!!!! my favorite
Legos with a side or more Lego
Big boy zippy cup
more Taylor Swift stuff
"Yea, Santa knows just what I like!"
Brady was so funny he kept looking at us wondering why he was able to have all the stuff on the ground.  So precious.
Nana and Sam
And Grandma too

After another lazy morning we went to Honey and GPs for a delicious steak dinner.  And this little one did NOT like his coat. ;)
Sorry Buddy I couldn't resist.  
Christmas was wonderful and calm and an overall glorious day.  We are so thankful for our Savior and that He came to earth as a perfect baby.  I hope you had a wonderful Day as well.