Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

 I cannot believe it's already November.  Halloween is always a super crazy week and this year was the same.  By the end of the night we are all wiped out but we have a great time at our church and trick-or-treating with the Weavers.

I assumed Brady would be a puppy this year, but he was NOT having it.  He looks exactly like Ryan here.  
 Ahhhh much better Mommy:).  Little Seastuck it is
 Super easy costumes this year
 Brady wasn't having the 'eye black' either, little stinker
 My pretty cheerleader loves her some bugs.  Here she is holding a gross snail at Grandma's house.
 Bray's walking!! yay and oh no.  He's on the go everywhere!
 First stop Grandma's house
 Then to Honey and GP's for pizza and cousin pictures.  Kacey adding a little makeup to her beautiful butterflies
Ryan helping Brady...XO
 Big boy
 Adorable Caterpillar
 Crazy Cousin Picture.  This year was the easiest yet!
 And then we headed to the Fall Fest.  Love my family even though the ALL love Baylor.  
Brady had a blast in the preschool area

Brady was done after church but Mark took the kids to a few houses in our neighborhood with the Weavers----love that tradition
 Big kids
Halloween 2013 in the books.  Peace out


Tom and Jimmy said...
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Melissa said...

Yay he's walking! Helps your back I know. And makes life a little crazier!

leslieleisel said...

Such a sweet family!