Monday, December 16, 2013

November 2013

 What a fun NOVEMBER! this post is all over the place and most of these pictures are from instagram, but I still want to document our lives here on the blog so I can have printed books each year :). So here's the most random blog ever:

We celebrated Lila's 5th birthday with a precious Cowgirl Party.  Brady eventually liked this "horse"
A typical evening at our huse.  Stuff everywhere and the three of these crazies playing some invented game.  I think this was "put Brady in the box"
 Breakfast for dinner on most Sunday nights...we're really fancy around here
 a FREEZING Pajama day with Brady
 Watching Lila play soccer
 Grandma got Brady this new truck and he absolutely loves it and plays with it every single day
 Firld trip to the BU basketball game with GP.  Ryan got to go on the court for a contest and drained his shot! It was awesome
 4th graders hanging out with Holly Tucker at Chapel
 Mayborn Museum Field Trip
 This little one LOVES flowers and before the freezing weather he would pick flowers outside and sit on the rock and them destroy the flower :)
 Mark and I took Ryan to Cowboy Stadium for the Tech vs. BU game.  We had a blast
 It's tradition to eat at Boston's Pizza when we go to Arlington

 The 4th Grade had Native American Day at school
 And we ended the month with a relaxing Thanksgiving day at Grandmas.  Here's my very silly crew on Thanksgiving this year.  (A first for me to have my tree up, but we put it together the day before thanksgiving this year)
 Brady loves grandma and her yummy cooking!
We had a wonderful month

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