Sunday, March 11, 2012

My new favorite room

Ahhh, the nursery is finished--yea! I really, really love the way to turned out. The transformation from a red play area/office to this is remarkable. Every where I look in here I see my friends and family because we literally had nothing for a third baby. We needed a crib, clothes, towels, bottles, baby toys, nursing gear, basically everything. We have been very blessed to have been given a crib(thank you Kelli), repurposed some furniture (thank you Erica,) and given lovely hand-me-down baby cloths, maternity clothes, a bobby, a swing, bouncy seat, high chair, etc. (thank you Caryn and Kacey). This nursery is full of love!

Here the view from the front door/living room.
My amazing girls, Erica and Heather painting Brady's bookshelves one day at playgroup. They are rockstar painters!

The lighting when I took these pics wasn't great but you get the idea. Here's Brady's closet :). Kacey and Lauren sewed that cute little curtain for me. Thank goodness I have some crafty friends.
Another view of the changing area and bassinet
The crib
And other storage area
All I did here was add a little trim to these lamps,
frame my favorite verse and,
ask Erica to make this black clock the perfect blue :)
This precious chair was from the old FBC Woodway building. Who knows maybe I sat in that seat 30 years ago?
Mom gave me this cute 'B' hanger and the outfit was once my nephew Wyatt's.
Erica repainted this cherry wood plate rack a pretty cream color, and this side table went from dark cherry to cream and gray!
This button 'b' was from Brady's shower and it matches perfectly
Ally and Ryan each gave Brady a couple of items for his shelves. Ally choose these stuffed animals and Ryan gave Brady his first baseball and baseball piggy bank. I made the burlap letters, and the blue button was also from my baby shower. Erica painted these shelves too and took them from yucky light brown a yummy disressed cream.
This glider was a gift from my Nana when I was pregnant with Ryan. Nine years ago denim was the in thing :). We had it recovered and I think it was the perfect finishing touch. This chair has been used to rock my babies for years and now we'll be using it once again.
There is something very special about preparing a nursery. I know that Brady would be just fine in any room but creating his nursery has been a wonderful thing for me to do in order to mentally get ready for Brady's arrival.
We can't wait to meet you Brady!


MLP said...

I love this SO MUCH! Most beautiful nursery ever!!! This should be in a magazine, my friend! I can't wait to see your perfect precious family of five!!!!! Please let me come and love on Brady!!!!!!! Love every last detail....especially that sweet little chair from our church on Estates Drive!;)

kristiana said...

Oh my goodness so peaceful and perfect! Only thing that will make it cuter is a real life baby boy in that crib! AND, you need to give yourself some credit for that wall art!

Shannon said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I love it, Angie! I love the colors and the little touches of so many special people! I cannot wait to meet Brady Wood!

Libbie said...

What an amazing transformation. I love your creativity for a nursery. You also are quite the crafty mamma on your recreation of the alphabet!! You look like you are ready to welcome sweet Brady to your family.