Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby!

It has been so fun putting together another nursery. This one was very different because adding a nursery meant moving our home office. At first it was an incredibly daunting task but little by little we have moved the office, got a new computer, TV, painted the living room, bathroom and nursery, recovered the glider, had a garage sell, baby shower and I can say that things are almost finished!! Whew. It was a pretty significant transition loosing our two desks, but we're getting used to it now and I'm very thankful that we decided to stay put in our house for a while.

The day we put the crib up this is what we found...they were 'hiding' :)

I'm sorry but when did they get so HUGE?? Seriously I was shocked that day by how old my two children are!! It's time for a teeny tiny one to join our family.

You can see the start of the nursery in this picture. I am loving the color of the walls in here. It's a really light gray and the bedding is a super soft blue from Restoration Hardware Baby. {I love everything in that catalog.}
Another thing I found in the RHB catalog was some ADORABLE alphabet canvasses. I kept looking at them and coveting them and almost buying them several times, but the price...oh my word the price!! They were $320 before tax and shipping and I just couldn't justify spending that much on them----even though they were AWESOME! I decided to recreate them myself and I am very proud of this project.

I started by having my friend Erica match the color of the bedding perfectly and paint these three canvasses for me. {She's got some major talent with Annie Sloan Chalk paint! She painted those cream candle sticks you see in this picture too, as well as several pieced for the nursery--thank you Erica!}
Then I went to Crop-Paper-Scissors and bought a bunch of scrapbook paper that would make the perfect flashcards for the canvasses.
Then I re-created the Restoration Baby A-Z flashcards on my MAC. This was by far the longest and hardest part but well worth the time.

Then I printed each card on the correct paper, cut to size and then tea-stained about 10 of them, all of which I 'd never done before so there was some trial and error for sure :).
After they dried I modge-podged them onto the canvasses and here they are.
They look a LOT like the originals to me and I only spent $28--yea!
I hope Baby Brady likes them:).
I cannot wait for there to be a sweet baby in that crib!!

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