Monday, March 28, 2011

Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Ahhhh Puerto Vallarta. It was heavenly! Mark and I loved that it was a short 4 day trip and that they had a direct 2 hour flight from DFW to Mexico. This was by far the easiest traveling we've ever done in 11 years with NFIB. We had a fantastic time. It was a beautiful resort, gorgeous weather and we did nothing except lounge around by the pool and hang out on the beach---my perfect vacation!
Here's a few pics of our tip

We represented Tejas in a wonderfully big way! I'd go back there in a flash. There was not one single scary incident (except the tsumani warning)...but other than that brief scare it was perfect. It is always so nice to get away, and we owe Honey and GP a BIG THANK YOU for watching the kids for us. Love you guys!

Spring Break

We took the kids to Austin for a quick trip over Spring Break. I really wanted to spend some good quality family time before Mark and I headed to Mexico. We had a really wonderful day just shopping, eating and hanging out.

Little Miss on the way!

Momma and Ally

Mark and Ryan

Headed to the Disney Store for some sweet gifts.

This may be the last time she fits in the little red mall car!

Happy Little Camper :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm 35 y'all!

As each birthday flies by I try to take time to stop and reflect on the Lord, my life, changes I need to make, blessing I have been given, etc. I don't know why this happens on my bday each year instead of January 1st, but that's the way I roll :). As I gear up for this 35th year there are some definite things I love and some things I need to let go of but that's what is SO great about taking to time to stop and reflect.

I love my sweet life and I am blessed beyond measure. I have developed some of the best friendships of my life the past few years and they get me through it ALL!! And I mean it A-L-L. Life has been a little tricky this year with the plaguing illnesses, grief, and anxiety and I would be lost without the prayers of my friends and family!

I love being a stay at home mommy (who teaches a lot of ZUMBA) to my SEVEN and FOUR year olds. I love that we are out of the baby stage around here and moving on. I also love that I get to kiss my sweet nephews and niece to get my baby fix without having to actually birth another child--(huge praise for all of us)!!

I am in awe of the lessons of faith I've learned this year. As I sit down to write our weekly Zumba devotions I am amazed at all the Lord has taught me through his word. I have a long way to go but I am open and willing to hear Him and change.

I love FWCS. I cannot imagine not having this school in our lives. Ryan LOVES school and has learned SO much this year. He is a very smart child and we are seeing such amazing things from him. I know that he thrives in a smaller classroom and he is given a lot of freedom to discover new ideas and concepts in a Christian environment, and I couldn't be happier!

I am not fearful of flying anymore. I say this now because it may change later this week as we head to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. But I really think I am over the fear part. I still don't like it, and would rather not do it, but I don't start sweating like I did three years ago at the mere mention of flying---so in my book, major change people!

I hate refereeing the fights between my children. It's a lot and it's exhausting and I need some prayer to make it this summer. they still make Calgon?

We are now into year round sports. Ryan played football, then basketball and now we are starting baseball. I love it and look forward to each and every game but the scheduling of that and zumba has been a challenge. (not to mention homework and dinner...but that's another thing entirely). Ally is doing TOT basketball, ballet, tap and kids zumba so she's got a lot going on as well.

I am extremely thankful that my husband has a flexible work schedule. He is usually available to help with the kids at night so that I can be gone until 7:00. In fact, I couldn't do any of this parenting stuff without him so I am very grateful for the last 13 years of NFIB. I cannot believe he's been there this long. Praises and more praises!!

I had a pretty interesting 34th year and I am ready to see what 35 will hold. 35....gosh that sounds old doesn't it!!??

My wonderful birthday weekend started at Supper Club Friday night and lasted until my Sunday afternoon pedicure with mom and my sisters. I like to really drag out a celebration. Kacey made my favorite Red Velvet cupcakes and they were delicious!

So fun that Caryn was here too!! Caryn and I have birthdays 2 days apart so we always try and get together to celebrate in a big Waco way.

My sweet supper club friends (minus Heather---we missed ya girl!). I love these women to pieces!

Our husbands were all there too but somehow we always end up with the girls in one room and the boys in another. I love you guys, thanks for making me feel so special!!

Happy Valentines' Day!

Awww the day for love. I was thinking this morning about how different this year looks compared to celebrating Valentine's Day during our newlywed years. Back then it was all about the perfect outfit, the gift for each other and usually an expensive dinner. Now I would never dream of fighting the crowds on Valentine's Day, we don't do big gifts and we get to see the excitement on our kiddos faces when they give us the gifts they created. I wouldn't trade our time together before kids, but I absolutely LOVE the way we celebrate as a family.
This year for Valentine's Day we kept it low key. I was in charge of Ryan's school party, I got a much needed pedicure and we enjoyed Carino's takeout for dinner. All in all it was a wonderful day!!
Here's Ryan and his fantastic teacher Mrs. Herbert.

And a TREASURED place mat made by RW.

I love you because you take care of me, you care for me, you teach me things, you let me buy things, you are there for me, you are kind to me and because I just do! Love Ryan Mark Wood

My heart melts. We were also given this "coupon" book with coupons for drawing a picture, painting a picture, 5 minutes of silence, 7 minutes of alone time :), a massage, and a walk around the block. I LOVE this!!

Ryan's favorite toy right now is still Legos and he built this in 23 minutes...I timed him. I think he is going to be some sort of engineer or something because he is CRAZY fast at these things.

And Miss priss wanted me to take her picture with her new Valentine shoes. She's gotten so opinionated lately but I love all of her creative ideas.

Now mommy, take a close up picture---yes ma'am!

And that sums up our Valentine's 2011. I hope you had a great one as well!