Monday, March 28, 2011

Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Ahhhh Puerto Vallarta. It was heavenly! Mark and I loved that it was a short 4 day trip and that they had a direct 2 hour flight from DFW to Mexico. This was by far the easiest traveling we've ever done in 11 years with NFIB. We had a fantastic time. It was a beautiful resort, gorgeous weather and we did nothing except lounge around by the pool and hang out on the beach---my perfect vacation!
Here's a few pics of our tip

We represented Tejas in a wonderfully big way! I'd go back there in a flash. There was not one single scary incident (except the tsumani warning)...but other than that brief scare it was perfect. It is always so nice to get away, and we owe Honey and GP a BIG THANK YOU for watching the kids for us. Love you guys!


Shannon said...

WHAT A TRIP! So glad you got to get away with Mark and enjoy time without kids! I have to admit....I'm a little jealous! :-) Miss ya and would love to catch up soon!

shannonmichaelis said...

Praise the Lord for trips with the hubby, short flights, beautiful getaways, and hard working husbands! Looked like a lovely trip...

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AlterEgo said...

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