Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Valentines' Day!

Awww the day for love. I was thinking this morning about how different this year looks compared to celebrating Valentine's Day during our newlywed years. Back then it was all about the perfect outfit, the gift for each other and usually an expensive dinner. Now I would never dream of fighting the crowds on Valentine's Day, we don't do big gifts and we get to see the excitement on our kiddos faces when they give us the gifts they created. I wouldn't trade our time together before kids, but I absolutely LOVE the way we celebrate as a family.
This year for Valentine's Day we kept it low key. I was in charge of Ryan's school party, I got a much needed pedicure and we enjoyed Carino's takeout for dinner. All in all it was a wonderful day!!
Here's Ryan and his fantastic teacher Mrs. Herbert.

And a TREASURED place mat made by RW.

I love you because you take care of me, you care for me, you teach me things, you let me buy things, you are there for me, you are kind to me and because I just do! Love Ryan Mark Wood

My heart melts. We were also given this "coupon" book with coupons for drawing a picture, painting a picture, 5 minutes of silence, 7 minutes of alone time :), a massage, and a walk around the block. I LOVE this!!

Ryan's favorite toy right now is still Legos and he built this in 23 minutes...I timed him. I think he is going to be some sort of engineer or something because he is CRAZY fast at these things.

And Miss priss wanted me to take her picture with her new Valentine shoes. She's gotten so opinionated lately but I love all of her creative ideas.

Now mommy, take a close up picture---yes ma'am!

And that sums up our Valentine's 2011. I hope you had a great one as well!

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