Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Biddie Ball camp 2011

OK where were we... still in June? Geez Louise I must get caught up on the bloggity blog before school starts in THREE WEEKS!!!! June was our month of camps. Ryan did Midway Football Camp, Swim Lessons, Vacation Bible School, Ally and I had Zumbatomic Camp and gymnastics then we finished the month up with BU Biddie Ball Camp. All the while my boys were playing in the city tournament so I really felt like our summer started in July. July has been a slow, low key month with lots of fighting between my precious children, lazy swim days, sleeping in, movies, putt-putt, and overall goodness. I have no pictures of any of the June camps except basketball {thank you Caryn for the pictures} so I'm very happy to share these! Again I NEED A CAMERA!!!!!!! {Also, way back in June I made the crazy decision and let Ryan buzz off all his hair. He loved it---mommy did not. It's already grown back out so looking back at these pictures made me smile :)}

Ryan has gone to BU Biddie Ball camp since he was 4 so this was his 4th year to attend this fantastic camp. This is also the last year he will be with the Biddie Ball group. Hard to believe that next year he'll move on with the older campers. We had some extra special guests join us for camp this year and it was a BLAST. Here they are day 1 ready to GO!

Coach Drew making everyone do some push-ups

This kid has some serious Skills. I can't believe how much he's grown since last summer

Just a little dunk

or 2...he had his coach rollin' that he was able to do this!

Daddy and Ryan. It is very nice that Mark has such a flexible job and he's able to come see all of our mid-day activities when he's in town.

cutie #1

and #2

Ally and I had a ball watching them on the last day. We also got to love on Coyt and Crew which was an added treat.

Ryan and coach Terence

Ryan and Momadeau

Coach Drew and the three cousins

We love icy pops!!

Two future Bibbie Ballers 2015...look out!

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