Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ryan meeting Coach Briles

My amazing seven year old son has been obsessed with several things in his life but, sports has been a constant to him since he was old enough to hold a ball. I vividly remember Ryan and Mark rolling a ball across my coffee table before he could even walk! He has also been a fan of Baylor football (back before they were good at all) since he was 2 years old. This was a little irritating to this TTU momma but since we've been back in Waco I must admit that I am also a BU fan. Being such a fan of BU football, you can imagine how cool it was for him to meet Art Briles at dinner one evening. Here's how it went down:

We were hanging out at Ninfa's for Uncle Frank's birthday when Mark spotted Coach Briles behind us. Ryan immediately argued that that was not coach Briles since he wasn't wearing his BU cap. Mark prevailed and even asked the coach for a quick picture with his #1 fan. Here it is!!

Coach Briles was just about the coolest man we've ever met (probably because he graduated from TTU also:-)). He bent down and talked to Ryan on his level and told him to come see him in a few years :). He was impressed with Ryan's height for a 7 year old and said it was GREAT that he has a September birthday for maturity in sports. The whole conversation lasted about 3 minutes but it was one that Ryan and I will never forget. Thank you Coach Briles for making Ryan's day. I am so impressed with your character and hope you have a wonderful 2012 season!

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Shannon said...

Oh, how it makes me heart proud to see you cheering on the GREEN AND GOLD! What a neat man for taking the time to really talk to Ryan. I love it! Love all these updated posts. Way to go Ryan Wood with all the awards! Silly faces on your sweet girl also made me smile! Can't wait to see you this next week! we come!