Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh my...when did Ally turn 15??

Hello Bloggity blog's been a while. So sorry I got busy and neglected you. I LOVE reading friends's blogs and I am ready to start re-documenting out little life here in the Wack. I'd like to blame the no camera situation, or the business or the laziness or whatever but bottom line is I write this for my family and I want to keep it going seester! I am on my lazy summer time schedule and watch out 'cause I'm baaaaaaack!

Ok when I look back at this year there are certain things that will always stand out. One is how easy my kids are right now. I don't mean life is a breeze around here but this parenting stage is by far the simplest one yet. I used to feel rather guilty that my kids would fend for themselves for breakfast but then I realize...HELLO, it's a gift. They know what they can and can't eat and they are just perfectly fine letting momma wake up v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. Honestly it's awesome.

Another thing that will stand out to me is just how old my BABY is beginning to look. Honestly I look at her an forget she's just 4. Maybe it's the teenage attitude, independence and opinions lately. (Oh man, this raising daughters thing is crazy!!)

Case in point: Ally made her own haircut appointment with my super sweet friend Michelle. She walked up to her one day after Zumba and said, "I want you to cut my hair like you cut Hailey and Aubrey's (two of Ally's friends). "Please...Is that OK?" Michelle was very calm and responded that we'd need to check with your mommy but honestly what could I do???!!! I called her and made an official appointment for the following week. Here's my 4 year old in her element!

Before with Michelle at Salon 19

Look at all the cushions she stacked to make sweet pea comfortable! She really is amazing at her job.

I wish you could feel Ally's excitement. She loved every single second of this haircut experience

I'm sorry can you please bring back my baby, this girl looks far too old to be mine :).

Ally was VERY specific in how she wanted this side braid---weird have NO idea where that came from:)


Shannon said...

Oh, I am rolling! BECAUSE I KNOW EXACTLY what you are talking about! Reagan sent home an "order form" with one of her friends to give her to her mom. She monograms and R ordered a shirt with a peace sign and her name....gave specific colors of shirt, thread, etc! SO FUNNY! Guess who got a shirt delivered to her the next week? I knew nothing about it until Kim (the mom) sent me a text with a picture of R's "order form." I love these girls! Hoping yours is attending her mommy's Zumba camp so R will have a friend! She can't wait!

Libbie said...

This completely sounds like Delaney. I wish that someone would have told me when your daughter turns 4 they become so independent. Her past two haircuts have been specifically dictated by Delaney. I did have the put my foot down on the chin length bob this last time though...

shannonmichaelis said...

Side braid - who knew?

Love how particular she was with the haircut. Girl knows what she wants!