Friday, June 17, 2011

I Heart FWCS and I can't Believe it's summer!

I have LOVED every single second of Ryan and Ally's school year at FWCS. I feel like this school is such a blessing in our lives and I am astonished at everything my children have learned. Not everything has been roses this year for the Woods but school has been a constant source of wonderfulness! Ryan had field day this year (back in April) and his momma got to lead a zumba station which was very enjoyable. Then my boy dominated the relays and tug-of war! Field day brings back such great memories of childhood and I'm thankful that my kids get to participate in the fun each year.

Ally had the most fantastic two women this year also. Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Conner blessed my socks off in their commitment to these three and four year olds. Thank you guys SO much for loving our Ally girl the way you did.

And Mrs. Herbert, the same goes to you. Thank you for spending time on your knees for your first graders! You have also been an enormous blessing to our family.

OK now this is the part of this post that maked me tear up. My Ryan, my firstborn wonderful young man received N-I-N-E awards this year at FWCS. As a mother, there's nothing like having others see your child the way you do!!! As I was scanning these into my computer I was flooded with emotion and praise. Ryan is such an amazing son! Thank you Lord for trusting me with him.

(If you click on this you can see Ryan's favorite award---the mileage club award. Ryan ran 62 miles this year in P.E. Can you believe that? So impressed!

Congrats buddy!

We are so proud of our bubba!

After the awards ceremony it was time to sign their annuals.

Here's Ryan's official first grade picture. :)

I cannot believe that I now have SECOND grader...what?!??? I am thrilled that it's summer time and we are enjoying this season in our lives very much!


Sally said...

awwww! so proud of your sweet kiddos! excited to be a part of the FWCS family next year - ahhhh!! :) hugs to you all!

Mindy said...

I love your family so, so much. Every single one of you!!! Way to go, Ryan! I am very impressed! That's also a tribute to his wonderful parents!!! And Sweet and your hair cut pics are too darling (also your iPhone and Walker should open a business!). You are precious! ALL OF YOU!!!